Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Yah didn’t think Ray Comfort could get any worse, did you?

So here we have Ray Comfort with his new writing “ugly baby blindness syndrome.” (gee it is part of a book) He’s sure those newborns and toddlers are evil. You don’t have to go out to “living waters” if you want so see ol’ Ray in his idiocy. I made a nice set of screen shots since I wouldn’t be surprised if this suddenly disappears. Shows you that any “pro-life” claims are false.

These people will stop at nothing to convince people they are sick so they can shill their “cure.


28 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Yah didn’t think Ray Comfort could get any worse, did you?

  1. Really, the way some people think about babies is just pure evil, not the babies. And a lot of what goes by child rebellion is a reaction against parental tyranny. Sure, sometimes parents know better than babies and should be protecting them (a lot of the time, actually), but there’s also a lot that’s just “adults” making an excuse to exercise their “authority.”

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      1. It’s a bit more complicated than “theology based on the ideas from a couple thousand years ago” results in. People had lots of different ideas a couple thousand years ago, as they do now. Some of those ideas were kinder, others were nastier, as are the ideas people have now. And just because knowledge of many things and how to build things has increased a great deal over the last couple thousand years does not mean old ideas are obsolete. For one thing, many of the things people do better now are old ideas. Better technology means better pots, not that pottery is obsolete. And the Roman’s engineering and concrete were amazingly good! Possibly better than most modern concrete… And as for other ideas, there’s actually not that many true “new” ideas floating around. Some people have wanted to be kind and respect others, and others have wanted to dominate probably for as long as human beings have had societies. So it’s not how old the ideas are, but which ideas from any age one bases one’s thinking on.


      2. The problem for theists, Raina, is that all of these ideas, nastier and kinder are claimed to come from the same god, or gods, and no theist can show that their god or gods exist at all. Christianity espouses the vile along with the good. You just pick and choose, like every theist. The christian god is just as vile as Ray Comfort per the bible.

        Your belief in a god is obsolete; not your belief that certain things are benevolent. No one needs a god or gods.

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  2. Atheist people are the most nastiest people in the world as they have lost sense of discrimination. when it comes to drug abuse and brothel houses atheist’s people scores in majority.


    1. and ST finds that they must lie. That’s not suprising for a theist. Alas for ST, the vast majority of atheists are just as moral or more moral than theists. most of us understand that drug abuse is harmful. Sex work, as long as it is by choice, is fine. Most of us stand firmly against sex trafficking and abuse.

      Thanks ST, for showing that lies are nothing new from a theist, no matter what their magic books say.


    2. Thanks for the reminder that religious belief doesn’t make people better, ST. Christians in particular have carte blanche to commit any sin – including bearing false witness against non-believers, as you have done here – as long as they manage to blurt out “Sorry, Jesus!” before they draw their final breath.

      See you in {nonexistent} hell, unrepentant mortal!

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  3. “Sex work, as long as it is by choice, is fine”. People like you have no morality. People like you have no good principles. You people are less than animals and you speak about good you rascal.

    It’s a universal fact that a person is only qualified to accuse other’s only when he or she follows good principles. Sex mongers like you are not qualified to speak about Christians or any bonafide religions in the world.

    People like you are terrible liars and cheater’s. So, you are totally disqualified to speak about God or any religions.


    1. and more idiocy and lies by ST.

      I have quite a lot of morality. And I know that if someone chooses to do something that harms no one else, then I have no business whining about it. Poor ST, just one more wannabee theocrat who pretends some god agrees with him and only him.

      Nope, no “universal fact” at all, just one more lie from ST.

      I can speak about any gods or theists that I choose. I am quite familiar with most religions and yours is nothing special or true.


      1. Vel, did I miss something when I was a Christian? I really don’t recall any instructions from the pulpit of Sunday School teachers that INSULTS are to be lavishly dished out whenever someone doesn’t agree with your faith. Moreover, I distinctly remember the bible talking about loving others as yourself. Hmmm.


      2. I have to wonder about that too. IT seems once upon a time Christians weren’t so damned desperate for a theocracy and kinda just did their thing. I think it might be that they might realize it is more and more obvious that their religion is nonsense. No magic JC coming back to save them.

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  4. Hey, Nan you are such a nasty cold. We very well know about atheist’s faith. You people foolishly and unscientifically believe that something came from nothing and we are not idiot’s to believe that something came from nothing. we see practically that everything in this world has a cause. it is only people like you who don’t want to accept this fact of cause and effect.

    You people cannot scientifically give us evidence how matter came in to existence. how these matter were arranged so precisely so as to form a planet, stars and sun.

    what makes the electron’s revolve around the nucleus?. Our earth is about 93 million miles away from the sun and it is revolving in its orbit for millions of years without changing its path in space. Do you say its happening by random chance energies?.

    Our earth has right heat and gravity for life. our human body needs 21 amino acids to live. those amino acids which cannot be produced in our bodies is found in vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses and cereals. our human body needs all the minerals, proteins, fatty acids and vitamins, sodium and water. you can find every facilities in the earthly planet. you people without any brain telling it is random chance.

    We are not sinful fools like you to believe in such random chance theory.


    1. And here we have ST slinking back and still showing just how ignorant a Christian can be.

      Christians often try the lie that atheism is somehow a religion or faith. This is simply the need of the theist to pretend that everyone “really” agrees with him. We don’t.

      ST is entirely ignorant about science and when he tries to make claims about it he fails. He finds he must attack strawmen since he doesn’t know what evolutionary theory actually says. This is how laziness and willful ignorance work.

      As usual, all ST has is special pleading and the baseless assertion that a god is needed for “creation” and that it must be his version of the Christian god. Alas, ST forgets that he ignores the idea of cause and effect with his special pleading.
      Then we have ST with the ever popular god of the gaps whining with a side order of creationism, claiming that there is “design”. Alas, those gaps always close and poor god is no where to be found. There is also no evidence of design from some magical entity. The laws of physics work fine with this, and those can be as eternal as any human-invented god.

      Electrons don’t “revolve” around the nucleus. That claim is a sign of how theists are often ignorant of any scientific discovery since oh, a couple of hundred years ago at least. The old “orbiting” electron image has long been superseded. ST also shows that he knows nothing about the solar system, or the orbit of the earth, which is an ellipse and thus isn’t always 93 million miles away from the sun. The lie of a “perfect” solar system is destroyed by reality. It has been in orbit around the sun for billions of years and yep, it has changed its path.

      Now we have the complete nonsense of the “finetuning” claims, that somehow the earth is “just right” for humans. Nope, it hasn’t always been this way and it will not remain this way. We have no idea what heat and gravity can have life, no reason to think that the earth is something unique (and if it were? Uniqueness is no evidence for a god).

      ST does show how incompetent his god is without it making humans self-sustaining. We do need food and funny how we fit in an environment that allows them, the environment doesn’t fit us since most of it is entirely inimical to human live. It isn’t random chance since we don’t live in a Dr. Seuss universe with no laws. We do live in one where the laws of physics, and therefore, chemistry, show that we are a product of our universe, nothing special.

      And poor ST, claiming “sin”. Alas, Chrisitans can’t agree on what that consists of. Each makes up that their god considers “sin” anything that the poor lil’ human doesn’t like. How pathetic.


    2. atheist’s faith … ???

      Pray tell, what does an atheist have faith in?

      Your responses on this blog certainly demonstrate the love of Jesus. I can scarcely wait to become a convert.


  5. “Electrons don’t “revolve” around the nucleus”. Lol, it is only atheist people like you keep on proving your illiteracy in science every time. You are not even worthy of discussing science with me. I strongly suggest you to go to school again and read 6th graders physics. Ha, Ha.

    You are not an intelligent atheist you are dishonest, dumb fool, cheater rascal as you claim to know all science.

    Here you go


    1. hmmm “brain answer”. That tells me all I need to know about how ignorant you are.

      Nope, I won’t answer yes or no, since it depends on the matter. I’m matter, you are matter. my computer is matter, the set of keys on my desk is matter.

      and you are such a failure.


    2. Does matter have life? The correct answer, ST, is “We don’t know yet, because the definition of what constitutes “life” is still being resolved. Wait for it.”


  6. See, you people were making shit in this place and your ignorance is getting exposed. At least Astreja is little honest here. Alas, atheist are getting terrified by this fundamental question. Lol.

    “I’m matter, you are matter. my computer is matter, the set of keys on my desk is matter”. Another question

    So are you telling that your computer and your keyboard has life?.



    1. ST, what part of “We don’t know yet” don’t you understand? Maybe life and sentience are inherent properties of all matter. Maybe they’re emergent properties that only show up in matter of a certain structure and complexity.

      As I said earlier, wait for it. Until there’s actual data to analyze, it’s a waste of time to debate this.


    2. ST, we’ve seen this nonsense before and it’s nothing to be afraid of. As Astreja has pointed out, you have nothing but what amounts to a god of the gaps argument. You desperately need a job for your god. There isn’t one.


  7. No. you people are trying to escape from my question. “Maybe life and sentience are inherent properties of all matter”. So you aren’t sure. If life is inherent properties of matter then why you people are reluctant to answer that computers and cars also has life.

    If you and myself are just combination of matter then what makes humans valuable?. In such a case robots are also matter and expensive but when it is compared with humans . humans, are more important than robots. Right?.

    As long as life is their in our body this body is functioning. We can measure the electrical impulse of the heart in a EKG machine. This body has static energy, this body has temperature 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This body produces various chemical reactions, enzyme activities. As soon as life is not in the body all the above mentioned symptoms and activities are absent.

    So, from this simple observation life rides on matter and matter has to be highly organized in order to carry life. Life is distinct from matter and it can be understood by symptoms.


    1. and more false claims and fail from ST. Just one more theist who desperately needs to invent a need for his god. You need to pretend that your god gives “worth” and alas, you can’t even show it exists.

      Value is as subjective as morality. And no god is needed for either to be known by humans.

      you have done a great job of showing that the theist lie of duality fails. Congrats!


  8. Kick on your face you science illiterate. You don’t even have the brain or knowledge to discuss or understand about scientific facts and still you want us to show God. You have spouted lines and lines of stupid shit and you try to escape by not giving me proper answer you rascal. Already In “Show me goods” I have already shown scientific evidence that God exists by creating first self replicating cell and Darwin’s theory is just his shit imagination. that rascal even confessed in his origin of species book that he cannot find one transitional fossil to support his stupid imagination theory. This has also been acknowledged by recent fossil expert like Stephen Gould and many bio chemist.

    We people are seeing God and we are reciprocating with him. We know about his plans and how he helps us. You are such a sinful rascal meat eater, drunkard, illicit sex, gambler and you want to see God. First of all try to follow Ten commandments and then you can understand something about God. You don’t know who you are and you want to see God. God is spirit beyond our reach of our gross material senses and he reveals to us only when we follow his commandments and become non violent, simple and pure in our heart. Not to sinful cheater like you who are abusive and insulting others and God.


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