What the Boss Likes – Bloganuary – “What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?”

I’ve skipped a couple days of “inspirations”, just not feeling it.  So I start again with the question “What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?”

My current readers wont’ be surprised that it is the separation of church and state and standing against the harm that religions do.  And it isn’t just Christianity, but that’s what I’m most familiar with.

I’m a former Christian, Presbyterian version, and now an atheist. In my journey, I’ve studied a lot of religions, and their sects. I’ve read the bible, the qu’ran, etc.

I’ve seen friends tormented because of the lies of Christianity, with its bullshit that some god only wants you to love the “right” people, that some god only approves of certain behavior, that some god will condemn you to eternal torture if you don’t do things “right”.  

I’ve seen people sure that they are broken or wrong because of the victim blaming that is part and parcel of most religions, excuses invented because this god does nothing at all.  It isn’t anyone’s fault that it does nothing.  It is imaginary. 

Religion is a bane of humans.  It is the delusion that some magical being agrees with certain humans, and that they are somehow better than everyone else, the “chosen”.  Alas, they can’t even agree among themselves what their various gods want. 

Religions have gotten away with far too much under the guise of being “good” and it’s time to stand up to them, showing just how false they are.  They deserve no respect, only acknowledgement and to be exposed for what they are: human fantasies, often sadistic ones.

7 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Bloganuary – “What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?”

  1. The ONLY thing that might be a positive (repeat, ONLY) is that when a loved ones dies “in the faith” it gives remaining family members a degree of comfort to think they are now “in the arms of the Lord.” (As mentioned in numerous eulogies and newspaper notices.)

    As to the one that’s actually died? Sorry, bub. It’s all over and done with. No St. Peter. No heavenly choirs. No shining city on the hill.

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  2. This is an excellent question and one that ties both of these topics up for me. I am passionate about curing cancer in children, my largest donations from both my company and my family have been to St. Judes. I can not accept that an innocent child, born into the world as an angel, has to begin with a deadly disease that very well may take their life. Their parents can’t help and so they must live in despair as well and somehow this baby must learn how to process this in some way inconceivable to me.

    And then some moron wants to talk to me about god; a loving and forgiving god. “Quick” I say, “without saying ‘he works in mysterious ways’ or ‘who am I to understand the mind of god’ explain children with cancer to me!” There simply can not be a god that would tolerate such a tragic thing as a toddler, infant, child with cancer. Once, when I was visiting Dana Farber Cancer Hospital in Boston I saw a man crying because he had just come out of the children’s cancer ward and he was incapable of controlling his emotions. He said to me “I don’t understand how god can allow children to get cancer.”

    One year when my company and family made a significant donation to St Judes they called to invite us to visit the Hospital. After some consideration I realized I wouldn’t be able to do it. I can cry even watching their commercials, I just don’t get it and I want so desperately for it to be over and done.

    Religion doesn’t make people good; in fact, it may make them less so.

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    1. I can’t donate to St. Judes, too much attribution to magic in that name. So, i donate to Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. I would donate to the American Cancer Society, but they refused to accept and acknowledge donations from atheists groups in the past.


      1. That was an earlier charity for us as well when one of our business partner’s daughter had leukemia. We did annual fundraisers and “walks” etc to raise money. i think in 5 years we raised about $300,000 for the Light the Night events. Later we came to move to St Judes although I am told this is not a religious foundation, not sure about that…..

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