From the Kitchen – Hot and Sour Soup, plus a review of the Bible miniseries

hot n sour soupThis weekend I decided to try hot and sour soup, a staple at Chinese-American restaurants.  I find it a great elixir for fighting off colds and since my husband is now snotting around, I though it was about time to make it. 

I used the recipe for hot and sour soup (Suan La Tang) from Saveur (my favorite food magazine).  I altered it in four ways.  I left out the cornstarch since I do not like the gloopy texture that it brings to the soup. I left out the potatoes since I’m currently doing the South Beach diet and added slivered bamboo shoots.  I also left out the mushrooms since my husband does not like them and I thought he might want to try it.  

The tofu I used was extra-firm and had been frozen.  The resultant texture was like a good sourdough crouton in a bowl of French onion soup, quite spongy.  The flavor of the soup was just like I wanted, a very close approximation to what I’ve had in restaurants. 

And I haven’t gotten my husband’s cold yet. 🙂

Now for the entertainment this weekend.  Since I made merciless fun of it, I thought I should watch the miniseries on the “History” Channel, “The Bible”.  The basic review? 


All in all, this is just one more attempt at sanitizing the bible. Unsuprisingly, all of the questionable parts are edited out of this execrable show.  Pretty typical of what you’ll hear in a sermon on Sunday morning.  The quality is not quite as good as an episode of Xena Warrior Princess or Hercules, the fantasy shows I loved back in the 90s.

Pretty typical of a channel that has crap like the Vikings show following this.  Looks like a wannabee Showtime (a cable channel notorious for soft porn and hyperviolent shows like The Borgias, which is actually much better after the first season) show with Vikings and as much sex and violence as they can get away with.  If you are interested in movies and shows about the bible, just about any other one is better than this. 

Now, if you want my comments typed as I was watching it, they’re after the jump. Continue reading “From the Kitchen – Hot and Sour Soup, plus a review of the Bible miniseries”