Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Well, at least we know where they stand

Rather than do my own blog post on the idiocy of the Texas GOP’s official platform, I’ll direct you to this excellent post here documenting how religion does poison everything and makes people silly and afraid:

and if you want to really read it, a copy of their official platform to document it for posterity:2012Platform_Final texas gop

right from the horse’s…… hmmm mouth isn’ *quite* the appropriate orifice. 



What the Boss Likes – SCOTUS decision on health care

I’m utterly suprised. Happy! but surprised

Oh my, what *will* the GOP/TP do when Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion and didn’t obey their will?   He was joined by Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.   Thank you all for doing what’s right for the country.

Unsuprisingly, Justices Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas were in the minority. 

It’s about time the US moves toward other humane, developed nations that find caring for *all* of their citizens to be the right thing to do.   It has always struck me that for a bunch of people who want to claim that the entire US is “Christian”, and who claim that they are the majority, that these same people want to ignore their own supposedly holy book that says one should take care of those who are less fortunate than oneself.  I’d think that universal healthcare would be one of the first things that they would support. But they don’t.   Well, I shouldn’t be suprised by more hypocrisy.

Of course, the GOP/TP will predict the end of the world because of this.  Indeed, I’m sure some are waiting for a big pissed off Jesus to decend from the sky a la Revelation.  Like other predictions of such things, that’ll fail too. 

 The only thing that concerns me about such decisions is that the GOP/TP has to feel even more desperate now.  And desperate people do stupid, and often violent, things.   However, even the thoughts of that possiblity should never prevent us from moving forward into a more equitable society.

What the Boss likes – George Takei, Kraft and General Mills

Ain’t it sweet!

Many years ago, I had the great pleasure and honor to meet and have dinner with George Takei.  This was at college when I was helping pick speakers to come in.  He had been at my college before, back when I was then in junior high and since I got the chance, and me being a good Original Series Trekkie, I made sure we got him again.  He even signed my Technical Manual (of course on the navigation page! Yes, I’m a nerd. Big suprise, eh?)   He is indeed as nice as he appears on TV.

Now he’s probably known as much for his work for human rights, specifically gay rights as he is for portraying Mr. Sulu.   I have one of his t-shirts:  But I got one of the original ones that are *much* closer to the uniform badge 🙂 

And he has come up with a wondeful image just to show how ridiculous and idiotic bigots are ———————————–> 

As my husband, and sure others have said: In Cookie Veritas 

This is an addition to a lovely ad that Kraft did.   General Mills is also in the fray since they’ve also said that they don’t support a Minnesota ballot measure that wants to again restrict rights to only heterosexual couples.  You can happily eat Toaster Strudel, Haagen Dazs and….. BUGLES and be happy that General Mills is a decent organization.  

Now get out there and tell Kraft and General Mills how much you appreciate their anti-bigotry stance: 

and here’s a lovely blog post about just how entertainingly hypocritical some Christians can be over this nonsense.

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Pennsylvania legislators tell the truth….inadvertently

In a prior post, I discussed the voter ID law and how it would impact those who would tend not to vote for the Republicans/Tea Party.   And now we know that the Republicans meant it that way by their own words.  House Majority Leader Mike Turzai – R, Allegheny County has forgotten his talking points and said what everyone knew was the case.

“Pro-Second Amendment? The Castle Doctrine, it’s done. First pro-life legislation — abortion facility regulations — in 22 years, done. Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.”

Voter ID being passed: cause.   Gov. Romney to win : intended effect.

The original story about this from Politics PA here.   And The Maddow Show also caught it. 

It seems that the claims that the voter ID law in PA is indeed meant to disenfranchise voters, an attempt to corrupt the very basis of our representative democracy, are correct (it also demonstrates that the GOP/TP are out to force their religion and beliefs on everyone via legislation).  Many knew that was the case and that the GOP legislators were lying when they said it was only about “voter fraud”, a supposed “real problem” and so very “widespread” that they cannot demonstrate to be so at all (citing hmmm, one instance “Joe Cheeseboro” in the city of Philly).  Not Rep. Turzai’s spokesman Stephen Miskin, not Attorney General and now Governor Tom Corbett.  

Honestly, guys, if it’s so pernicious a problem, your offices should be overflowing with instances that you should be constantly be handing out, not getting constantly caught with your figurative pants down. 

Now, I know most if not all of these legislators who have told such lies also claim that they are very pious people which conflicts with a lie told intentionally.  Will they be honorable enough to admit what they’ve done?  Or will they depend upon an ignorant and lazy constituency not to hold them accountable for their actions and unsubstantiated claims?

From the Back Room – Cherry Stout

This is the darkest beer so far.  The Dark Cherry Stout from Northern Brewer is a dry stout, so if you hold your nose and drink you don’t get a sweet taste.  It comes with 4 oz of cherry extract.  

the foam! the foam!

As per the recipe, you put the extract in just before bottling.  Smelled good and was noticable after a couple weeks in the bottle.  After that, I couldn’t have told you it was there.  I’d probably up the cherry extract quite a bit when making this again. 

When poured, no matter how carefully, there was a hilarious amount of foam. The foam reminded me of the old molasses sponge candy.  Definitely not the fruited wheat beers that are so popular, but a nice change from standard stout.

What the Boss Likes – Poison in the Water

By Cuttlefish, author of the great blog “The Digital Cuttlefish”

There was poison in the water
And it wasn’t fit to drink;
So we got ourselves together
And we had a little think…

We were told to “just ignore it”
We were told “it’s not so bad”
We were told that sanitation
Was a silly, passing fad

We could just avoid the fountain
We could just avoid the taps,
And the problem would resolve itself
Eventually, perhaps

There are sensible precautions—
Keep your mouth shut as you shower;
If you’re feeling really thirsty,
Maybe boil it for an hour

There are antidotes available
Or so, at least, we’re told,
But they’re getting hard to find these days
And some are rather old

If we get our act together,
We can do it! I can tell…

…And it won’t disturb the fellows
Who are shitting in the well.

My personal interpretation of this is a warning against accomodating theism.