Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – a Christian added me to a mailing list

Hey, I’ve had my first Christian who signed me up for a Christian email list.   I’m rather surprised that this is the first time it’s happened.   So, this person, who chose to be a liar and use my email address for something I did not want, and have already known about, shows just how Christianity doesn’t make anyone a better person.  It just makes them needy and hopeful that I’ll give them some external validation. 

Of course, I promptly unsubscribed.

Let’s look at what they added me too.  This was a list to  and this seems to be a apologetics and preaching site for Joni Eareckson Tada.  Now, any young person back in the 70s who was a Christian probably knows about her.  She’s the quadriplegic from a diving accident and who has made a career in making excuses for her god and her condition.  Like many disabled Christians, they must convince themselves that their god has a “plan” for them, and every other disabled person.   They depend on false claims like “Everything, good or bad, is under God’s sovereign control. Nothing is too small or insignificant for his care and attention, including mildew! Praise God today for working out everything in your life according to his sovereign purposes.” And “Let’s Remember That God Is In Control! Everything, good or bad, is under God’s sovereign control. Nothing is too small or insignificant for His care and attention! Let’s praise God today for working out everything according to His sovereign purposes, as we learn from Joni and Friends!”
I can understand why they must tell themselves such baseless nonsense, since it’s that or realize that their god is imaginary or that their god is malevolent.  It’s very hard to come to grips with such a life-changing event especially if you were raised to think your god would take care of you no matter what, like the “lilies of the field”.  

What their excuses end up doing is having a god that needs to harm people for its “plan”.   Despite being omnipotent, omniscient and supposedly omnibenevolent, this god needed to make Joni a quadriplegic.  It somehow had no choice, but to cause her to need to be cared for by others for the rest of her life.  It doesn’t heal her, despite the promises that any baptized believer in Christ can heal people of sickness or injury.  She has to come up with a reason why her god does nothing at all like it supposed promises. 

So, thank you, random Christian, for giving me an opportunity to show how desperation leads to nonsense, an evil son of a bitch for a god and false claims. 

Poor Tezcatlipoca, caught in a revealing position. He tries to be cranky but sleeps on his back.

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – “miracles”? Not so much

Always good to see Christians admitting that they have no actual miracles but have to try to claim natural events as “miracles. The usual cowards at “Does God Exist?” Today, and John Clayton now try to make a migration a miracle from Exodus. You of course can’t comment on their false claims there.

“The Middle East Eye website carries an article titled “Quail Season Brings Rare Treat for Meat-Starved Gazans.” It tells of a regular migration of quails from Europe to the Middle East. If the wind is blowing against the migration, the birds become exhausted and land on the Gaza shore, where people capture them in nets to provide a source of badly needed protein. The point is that there is a natural way in which quails can provide food for a nation of people even today.

Funny how people need food *all* of the time. So much for this god giving food when needed, all of the time, rather than when a bunch of birds decide to move. And no surprise that there still hasn’t been one trashpit full of quail bones found anywhere around the supposed route of the Exodus.

And of course you can see my review of the quail episode in Exodus here: Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – 960,000 tons of what? – Club Schadenfreude

Funny how the Exodus fails yet again. And Christians are still desperate for any evidence that they can convince themselves with.