Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – when a Christians doesn’t think things through….again

A question Christians really can’t answer

I’ve noticed that Atheists like to play the “prove it” game. They use this game to shift the burden of spiritual responsibility to God off of themselves, trying to replace it with a burden of proof for the Christian.

This bit of nonsense came from this blog.   Christians often don’t think their arguments through.

we can have this by just changing a couple of words:  “I’ve noticed that Christians like to play the “prove it” game. They use this game to shift the burden of spiritual responsibility to Ahura Mazda off of themselves, trying to replace it with a burden of proof for the believers.” This, of course, can have any other god put in place of Jason’s personal version of the Christian god, even other versions of the Christian god.

He goes on “God has proven Jesus is our Lord and Savior to everyone who hears the Gospel:”   Hmmm, I’ve heard the gospel and nothing was proven to me.  What the gospels, and the rest of the bible, happen to be are claims, not proof.  A book that says it is true is not evidence for that book being true.   Other holy books make the same claim and gosh, Jason, doesn’t blindly believe them.  Tsk.

Then we have this “Because let’s be honest, there is no naturalistic argument that proves Jesus rose from the dead. At best the historical evidence shows that the resurrection of Christ is more likely than not, but this does not meet the standard of proof the Atheist is asking for. God will never allow a naturalistic argument to prove the resurrection of Jesus, because then people would not have to turn to God from their heart.

Hmmm, other Christians say that this god does want a naturalistic argument. Such a shame, contradicting Christians.  At least Jason admits that his nonsense is just as silly as any other religions, and that he must make baseless claims for it too.  The historical evidence shows that the resurrection of Christ is not likely, though there might be some evidence for a crazy Jew who thought he was the messiah, not what Jason claims to worship.

Poor Jason, he whines about evidence, but then demands the same thing from other religions he doesn’t believe in.

I could close this post out with links to articles or videos presenting the historical evidence for the resurrection of Christ, but I’m not going to do that.

He doesn’t do that because he knows they fail and he doesn’t want to be held responsible for failed arguments.   Such a coward, he wants to address atheists, but is too afraid of having comments where they can reply to him.   Yet one more failed apologist for this god which points to two possibilities:

This god needs a better HR staff.
This god is imaginary.

What the Boss Likes – kitties, beer and pie (and therapy too)

NB’s picture of the beer. Ours looked just like it.

During this quarantine stuff, my husband and the cats and I are doing well. Us being both introverts, anxiety-prone, and somewhat misanthropic, we are pretty happy with this.

I had a beer kit left to make so that got done. It is the Koa Coconut porter from Northern Brewer, where we get a lot of our brewing kits. It is damn good. We’re already half done with the batch. The coconut flavor is strongest when it is just done with bottle conditioning but even after that, it’s a damn good porter. I’ve ordered a couple of new kits, though NB is out of a lot of things (us homebrewers are bored, I see).   The two new ones are an Imperial Cream Ale, one of the few types of beer that is original to the US (AFAIK) and a hefeweizen which is always good in the summer with its fruity notes.

lime curd pie.

I also made a pie. We’ve been helping out our one neighbor who is older and she ordered some groceries for delivery from the one local supermarket chain. They managed to screw up her order so she had 4 bunches of bananas rather than 4 bananas, 8 limes when she wanted 2, and three dozen eggs when she wanted one. So she gave us some bananas, limes, and eggs. We already has enough so I was wondering what to do with the extra.

In the past I’ve made various citrus curds and since I love them so much, I often use the as the filling for a pie rather than just a pudding which is not as strong. So we have a lime curd meringue pie.   I used an oil crust which is way faster than a butter crust and that’s what I grew up on.

I’ve been doing some therapy via videophone (yes, it’s just the internet but I like the retro idea) for my anxiety since this forced isolation gives me some time to think and consider how I want my life to go after this. I’ve discovered ideas like hypersensitivity and childhood emotional neglect. I’ve also discovered, thanks to my husband, a most awesome artist who gets the whole feeling, “thelatestKate”. I used some of our covid money to support her by buying a couple of mugs. She also has books which you can find on amazon.

As for the cats, they are quite happy to have us around. Pretty much any time I’m sitting down, I have a cat wanting up on my lap. the kittens are about twice the size of their mom, Hera, and are just about a year old.  Here are the requisite cat video and pictures.

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – and now the reason for all of the banana nonsense

So, about a week or so ago, I was looking around YouTube and I ended up on Living Waters’ channel. Those of you who may not know, this is Ray Comfort’s ministry, yes the fellow who tried to claim that the common banana, and orange and coconut, are evidence of his version of the Christian god’s existence. Unfortunately, Ray’s attempt to compare his god’s work gets tangled up in the fact that humans have made all of these edible from inedible progenitors.

There on one of the channel’s videos was an offer for any atheist to send their contact info to Ray and maybe get selected for a chat with him. And yes, my friends, I was at least one of those selection. Maybe you can be too by sending an email to I’m not sure if the offer is still valid or not.  Maybe not after this.

I sent this “Hi, I’m an atheist, a geologist and a former Christian.  I see on your youtube, you are offering to chat with atheists. I’d be happy to do this, handle the recording and let everyone see both sides.

Vel” – 4/13/2020

I got back an email from Jen, Ray’s assistant, for dates and times to set up a Zoom conference call. I gave some dates and times and then I made this request. (I do have the emails but won’t directly present them here unless needed. I will paraphrase LW’s reponses.) Continue reading “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – and now the reason for all of the banana nonsense”

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – thousands of selfish ignorant fools in PA

photo – Josha Bickel

Yep, we had our own idiots who are whining about the stay at home orders.   Thousands of these fools gathered together on the capitol’s steps, ignoring the saftey guidelines and whining about their “rights”.

These are the Trumpies, who are selfish and ignorant, who want their rights but don’t want anyone else to have any.   They would have been the ones in Nuremburg at the rallies.

Continue reading “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – thousands of selfish ignorant fools in PA”