Not Polite Dinner Conversation – Reason Rally, and thanks, Ray, for showing that your god doesn’t exist


(welcome folks who have followed the link from John Branyan’s post.  May I direct you to his comment about his audience?)

We’re going to the Reason Rally in DC this year.   I’m hoping for much nicer weather than last time, where it was quite wet.   No ark needed though.  It looks to be a good time for those who support secular causes.

As for the Reason Rally,  it seems some Christians will be there to try to convert people (just google Christian reason rally).   Mr. Banana in his hand himself, Ray Comfort will supposedly be there, and will spend $25,000 to show how his god fails by trying to get people to take his book by offering Subway (the sandwich shop, not the Metro) gift cards.   There will be 5000 of them, just so you can catch the bible reference.

Thank you Ray, for showing that your god doesn’t exist and can’t do anything at all.  It takes lots of humans from farmers to folks making minimum wage to feed 5,000 people.  No god at all needed or in evidence at all.   I guess poor Ray isn’t a true believer in JC since he can’t do miracles as promised in the bible.  It doesn’t say  feed the hungry specifically in that verse but if one can heal, why not a little work with the loaves and fishes?  Of course, healing would be good too.  How about helping the vets at Walter Reed Army Medical Center?  It’s just up the road.  But one can be sure that these suggestions will be either  ignored or met with indignant claims of how dare an atheist require Christians be able to support their claims.

It’s great to see Ray using this money to show off, and not giving it to an organization that could use it, oh, like a food pantry in DC.  Such classic TrueChristian nonsense.  One can also guarantee that he will inflate his book sales number with the ones he is trying to give away.   Ray is doing a wonderful job of using bread and circuses to try to convert people.

It’s wonderful to see that he is sure that just his religious claims won’t work.  He needs a bribe.

Addendum:  05/30/2016

It seems that Mr. Comfort thought he could have his people show up at the Mall and not have to apply for a permit to do his attempt to convert atheists.

This means he supposedly has all of these gift cards.

What is his solution?

““In what is so often a cruel world, we tried to show a little kindness and it didn’t work. So it now looks like we will be eating Subway sandwiches for the next 40 years.“

Yup, ol’ Ray even now can’t think of actually helping out people for real.  He’ll just keep his $25,000 for himself.

(update: Comfort has emailed Hemat Mehta and has now said that the cars are going to the homeless.  Funny how it takes him to be publically shamed to come up with this).

You may ask how much it costs to get a permit.   “The permit systems helps assure that the large amount of events that may be taking place on any given day will not conflict with each other and with general visitor activities. All application, unless determined to be a First Amendment activity, must be accompanied by a payment for initial processing. The application processing cost is

  • $120 for public gathering/ special event applications
  • $90 for special use applications.

The application processing cost represents the average costs incurred by the park in mailing, distribution and initial review of applications to make sure the information supplied is sufficient to inform a decision. Payment of application cost may be in the form of check, money order or credit card.”


And now for some other banana silliness:





just needed a place to stash this for comment from MMM in comments
just needed a place to stash this for comment from MMM in comments