Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Secession! and a smidgen of geology

Isn’t “pout-rage” such a great word?  It fits just about anyone who takes a fit when something doesn’t go their way, from three-year olds, to theocrats who can’t watch women’s vaginas when they want to.  

One of the best examples of this pout-rage is the calls for secession from the United States of America.  Poor things, they didn’t get their way so they want to take their balls and go home!  

I’m all for Texas to leave the USA (alas Austin, you seem trapped).  Indeed, I’d be happy if the states of the old “confederacy” would all up and leave.  I’d feel sorry for those trapped in such a country.    

I love alternative histories so what indeed would happen to an “independent” Texas or a new confederacy?  Hmmm, well, health care would become based on prayer and that’s all.  Can’t have anyone thwarting “God’s Will” with any science, you know.  No vaccines, no chemotherapy, no antibiotics, no surgery. And women’s health care, pshaw, they don’t need more than their husbands can give them. The tragedy of Savita Hallapanavar would repeat it self again and again. Nothing could be allowed that dared to be based on that horrible awful no good very bad “evolutionary theory” or the scientific method, so no modern grains, no specially bred cattle, etc. 

Everything would stop dead in advancement, with children being taught that one god created the universe less than 10,000 years ago.  Soon they’d run out of their own fossil fuels (can’t have that dreaded efficiency and good gas mileage!) and foreign oil?  Perish the thought!  But that clean energy stuff, or energy efficiency, well, nothing could be spent on researching that.  They would probably have some nice guns though it would be hard to have such things if they really were honest and went back to first century technology as they seem to want to.   Continue reading “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Secession! and a smidgen of geology”