What the Boss Likes – Colonial Williamsburg electronic field trips

A quick note about a series that I think everyone should watch. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has started a new series about American history and law for middle school and high school students.  These are being broadcast on local PBS stations and you can see the list here.   You can see a short commercial for it here.

The first show, on the Bill of Rights, does a great job at showing how important those are to American citizens.  They dramatize this by having a young woman be transferred to an alternate universe where the Bill of Rights does not exist, where you can’t speak freely, where the government says what library books you can look at, what religion you can, or don’t have to follow, etc.  It’s well done and I found it pleasantly reminiscent of the old “afterschool specials” that I watched when I was young back in the 70s.   This one, of course, has the advantage of having questions asked by students.


I’ll finish my series on the Finger Lakes tomorrow.  Thanks for your attention!

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