Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – why I really hate this idiotic “ice bucket” nonsense

*I* object to this stupid challenge because it’s as effective as prayer since so very few are donating money which actually helps! Ooooh, big freakin’ whoop that people are getting wet. They whine “but it gets attention to the issue.” What idiot under what rock doesn’t know about cancer or whatever? it’s the same as prayer, playing pretend that you are actually helping when you are doing NOTHING.

Send real money to real people doing real things to help the problem, to cure cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, brain tumors, just do something REAL.  A dear friend of mine will probably die from or suffer losing his limbs from Type 1 diabetes.  He needs help, not stunts.


3 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – why I really hate this idiotic “ice bucket” nonsense

  1. Initially I had the same thought. It has been reported that the campaign has become quite a financial success however. Most celebrities, from what I understand, have donated along with doing the stunt which has helped in raising awareness of the campaign, similar to how a walk would do so in a community but on a much broader scale.


    1. I guess it depends on how one defines success. I’ve heard that around 50 million has been donated. not much considering how many people there are that have been nattering about it. Ridiculous crowd sourced funded ideas make proportionately more with less people. People who do walks already have the funding supporters and walk plus donate money. Celebrities are nice but there simply aren’t that many of them. I also just don’t see that many people being suddenly surprised to find out that more money is needed for ALS, diabetes, cancer, etc. If you don’t donate, you have other priorities, it’s not that you don’t know.

      It may be damning the good with the perfect but I see little more than people getting their supposed “15 minutes of fame” for doing a stunt and nothing more.


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