Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – a Christian post for posterity

I’ve stumbled upon a person, KC Sunbeam (not sunshine, but still a crank). Their latest post is quite a doozy, especially with their tagline: “This Unique Person and Social Pariah tackles society’s problems with intellectual accuity.”

Some pertinent parts.
“1-2) “Is Anne Frank burning in Hell right now? How about Mahatma Gandi?” A: Nobody is presently burning in Hell since damnation will not happen until after the Judgment. If
Anne or Gandhi lacked opportunity to know Christ, they can attain Heaven because they did not reject Him. But if they had adequate opportunity to know Christ, and perpetually rejected Him, they would be Hell-bound.”

So far, pretty typical.

“8) “If your child were dying, would you pray for them or take them to a doctor?” A: BOTH.

9) “Which has more of an impact?” A: The doctor, since he incorporates and submits to Gods’ laws of chemistry, physics, and science.”

Classic attempt to avoid the problem that their god does nothing.

“12) “If you have cancer, what will help more: drugs or prayer?” A: Neither; try chemotherapy.”

chemotherapy is a therapy using drugs.

“13) “Say you had a missing limb. Would prayer ever bring it back?” A: No. If God allowed it to be amputated, why would He contradict Himself by bringing it back?”

Good to know that God hurts people.

“25) “Was Jesus white?” A: Yes. Jewish White, not Gentile White. His lineage is documented as Jewish, and Jews look Caucasian, if you haven’t noticed.”


“27) “Why does God seem to hate Africa?” A: Africa does badly because it is populated with Negroes, who have inferior genetics, nothing more.”

Oh dear.

“45) “If God already sends people who act on homosexuality to Hell, why do many Christians feel the need to persecute them on Earth?” A: It is not many and the few who do are in violation of Christ’s attitude on that point.”

Oh dear again.

“70) “Can you pause the video and tell me what the Ten Commandments are?” A: Yes, but I won’t since they are not my standard of morality.”

Hmmm, funny how JC said that all of the commandments are the Christian standard for morality.

Well, thanks, KC for showing just how Christianity is evidently nothing more than a title that people give themselves to have some divine excuse for their opinion.