From The Bar – Beer for dessert

Catching up to their competitor, the supermarket chain, Giant, has begun offering beer.  It’s only one location so far and it is a threat to my pocketbook since that one location is the store that we go to for our weekly shopping.  It’ll definitely take some self-control to not buy a mixed six pack or a few “Victorian” pints (a couple ounces over 16) for sampling. 

But, to make sure we know what they have, my husband picked up some beers to commemorate the occasion.  All of them were good, but three were notable.  All would be great as an after dinner liquid dessert.  

Green Flash Barleywine Style Ale – Many barleywines are really really sweet and often very high in alcohol, two things that don’t often play well together.  The ale side of this concoction tones both down with a good citrusy hop flavor.  It supposedly can be aged, but I don’t see the point of waiting 😉 

Samuel Smith Organic Cherry Ale – My first encounter with fruit beer was Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat.  It struck me as the Boone’s Farm of beer.  Smith’s cherry ale is far better, with the cherry juice marrying well with the malt flavor.  Both my husband and I found it to be strangely reminiscent of a cherry Tootsie Pop.  It’s sweeter than a kriek, but the two ales are definitely cousins. Continue reading “From The Bar – Beer for dessert”