From the Bar – Maudite Belgian Ale

It seems that a lot of what we drink has to do more with a interesting name or label.  We’ve been fairly lucky in doing that, only finding a few bottles undrinkable.   This was bought at the local Wegman’s, which has been our go to for sampling a lot of different alcoholic beverages.   We still hit the distributor to get cases. 

Maudite  was one of those whose name was irresistable, especially for this blog.  Maudite means “the damned”, something many theists, usually Christians, are quite sure atheists like me are.   It’s a belgian strong dark ale made in Quebec, and seems to usually come in 750 ml bottles with cork and cage.  The head is nice, off-white and complements the dark brown-red of the ale well.  I rarely pour to get a big head so you won’t find them often in my photos.  The aroma is very fruity with spice, striking me as very apple cidery.    For having an 8% alcohol, it’s quite smooth and does strike me as a lovely autumn beverage.