Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – a three-fer this year

Some of the big holidays/months for the abrahamic religions happen this month. Easter is this weekend. Passover starts on Friday. Ramadan is the whole lunar month.

Passover – we have a celebration that the Israelites got their freedom, the “exodus”, but it’s not quite that simple and requires the death of children and people who had no choice in the matter where this god was mind controlling a man in order to show off. There’s no evidence for this nonsense at all.

Easter – we have a celebration because a god needed a blood sacrifice by torture of part of itself to make itself happy because of its failure at the very beginning of the creation myths. No evidence for the victim, torture or supposed resurrection.

Ramadan – we have a celebration because a man claimed an angel showed him magic writings in a cave that would become the holy book for a religion. At least there is no direct death involved here. There’s also no evidence for this story either.

For my new followers, here are some oldies but goodies on Easter and Passover. I don’t have much on Islam on my blog. I’ll have to correct that at sone point. Here’s a post about how similarly silly it is to the other religions of the “book”.  (you can find links to the other parts at the bottom of the post)  And thou shalt of eat of this guinea pig in rememberance of me

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – happy ridiculous holiday weekend!

What the Boss Likes – Bloganuary – “What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?”

I’ve skipped a couple days of “inspirations”, just not feeling it.  So I start again with the question “What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?”

My current readers wont’ be surprised that it is the separation of church and state and standing against the harm that religions do.  And it isn’t just Christianity, but that’s what I’m most familiar with.

I’m a former Christian, Presbyterian version, and now an atheist. In my journey, I’ve studied a lot of religions, and their sects. I’ve read the bible, the qu’ran, etc.

I’ve seen friends tormented because of the lies of Christianity, with its bullshit that some god only wants you to love the “right” people, that some god only approves of certain behavior, that some god will condemn you to eternal torture if you don’t do things “right”.  

I’ve seen people sure that they are broken or wrong because of the victim blaming that is part and parcel of most religions, excuses invented because this god does nothing at all.  It isn’t anyone’s fault that it does nothing.  It is imaginary. 

Religion is a bane of humans.  It is the delusion that some magical being agrees with certain humans, and that they are somehow better than everyone else, the “chosen”.  Alas, they can’t even agree among themselves what their various gods want. 

Religions have gotten away with far too much under the guise of being “good” and it’s time to stand up to them, showing just how false they are.  They deserve no respect, only acknowledgement and to be exposed for what they are: human fantasies, often sadistic ones.

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – a Marvel-ous morality


beta ray bill

I’ve been having some discussions with Christians on morality.  They certainly are sure that their morality and only theirs is divinely approved.   This chunk of comic (when Beta Ray Bill was wielding Mjolnir, aka Meow-Meow, in the Thor comics), is a good antidote to such nonsense.

And found Thor’s Hammer kittens on etsy:   Far too cute!

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Part 6 – Geology and the burden of proof

Problems not only geology but animals.  Happy Lent!
Problems not only geology but animals. Happy Lent!

In 14 (of the original post here), our Christian reveals that river floods aren’t worldwide. Great shock to all of you, I know.  After finding this bit of the glaringly obvious, he then declares that while ancient people knew this kind of flood, they certainly wouldn’t mistake it for a global flood “even after the compounded interpolation of the centuries”.  I will guess that he is trying to say that the people wouldn’t have claimed a local flood to be a global one even after time has passed and the event becomes badly remembered.  

He asks for two instances where an event was exaggerated out of proportion and became a myth.  Along with floods, tidal waves are caused by the Midgard Serpent and will cover the world in water during Ragnarok (hey, a flood myth that’s also a end times myth!).  Winter is invoked as a apocalyptic force that covers the earth killing all humans in a Fimbulvetr. A great wind was the culprit in Aztec world destruction, not suprising since hurricanes are common in the Yucatan area; fire was also another cause of the world/human kind being destroyed in Aztec mythology since they postulate various incarnations of the world. What is highly amusing is that he excepts his Bible from this for this reason: *I* (me, Vel) don’t believe in it.  Well, I don’t believe in the other myths either, Suprise!  He also uses his own word “fraudulated”.

We still have the same baseless claims that the bible is literally to believed and he now asks for: “list two events in the Bible which have evidence that actually proves them not to have happened not just raising vague doubts like you tried to do this time” Back again to our Christian trying his best to shift the burden of proof, how cute. Of course, we do still have the biblical flood, the supposedly vanishing of Tyre from history and the events of Exodus. No vague doubts here, direct positive evidence that these did not happen.  

To explain burden of proof a bit further, we have our Christian insisting that I show that something doesn’t exist.  He wishes to declare that the absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence, aka “”You cannot prove that God does not exist, so He does.”  Alas, he forgets, again, that positive evidence that precludes a claimed event or item is all the evidence you need to demonstrate that something doesn’t exist. The claim of a catastrophic physical event can be shown to be untrue if physical laws do not allow for it and our Christian said much the same himself. Since he is claiming extraordinary events have happened, he has essentially claimed that he has evidence for said events and is beholden to produce it.   

We do get to some geology in 15. Our Christian is again aghast that if something he doesn’t like is true, the Bible is wrong! That is a problem but only for him. There is repetition of prior arguments here.  Continue reading “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Part 6 – Geology and the burden of proof”

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Part 5 – Not so much geology but dueling myths

quote-rowan-atkinsonWe are now at section 13.  One can see the desperation rise noticeably.  I’ve posted the typed text of his post at the end of this paragraph, rather than put it into the body of the blog post.   It’s a pdf of sections 13-18 (so I’ll be referring to it in subsequent posts). Be warned, it is ridiculous. PDF of text from original illegible post   

(An aside: our Christian did indeed tell me that I needed to talk to my husband about the things I’ve written about, just like JZ predicted.  TrueChristianstm, all about the bits in 1 Timothy, where women are supposed to know our place by sitting down and shutting up.  🙂  ). 

In this section, despite starting with claims of geology, we have our Christian claiming that flood myths support his claim that the biblical flood happened just as described.  Immediately, our Christian claims that we should only be interested in those flood accounts that are from “civilizations with ancient roots” which has yet to be defined. 

However, we still get back to the problem where we have had continuous civilizations in some areas that go back longer than the date that the Christian gives.  We have no sudden breaks in the archaeological or geological record.  Sumer and Egypt may have flood myths but they have been around earlier than the biblical flood’s supposed occurrence. 

And, to address the tangential claims of “Babel”, we also don’t have any linguistic markers that show that languages suddenly stopped and then completely restarted with everyone talking a different language.  Continue reading “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Part 5 – Not so much geology but dueling myths”