What the Boss Likes – you need this app: NASA’s Eyes on the Earth


real time satellite stuff.   Once downloaded, you can change among what you view.  If you go to the “missions” tab at the right, you can look a certain sat’s stuff.  I recommend GRACE, which does gravity.

I’m going to guess that the f*cktards now in power will try to kill it.




What the Boss Likes – Third Rock Radio

NASA has started Third Rock Radio, new music with plenty of science for nerds like me.  I highly recommend that you check it out.


Yes, they do call it American’s Space Station  🙂

It does start playing as soon as you land on the page and a little loudly.  Be warned you folks at work!

Their Facebook page has more nerdly goodness: http://www.facebook.com/thirdrockradionasa

More info on the station: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/nasalife/features/3rdrock.html