From the Kitchen – Meat Pies

Once upon a time I was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  It’s a loosely (often very loosely)  historical recreation group that had its genesis in the 1960s.  I was a member on and off for 20+ years.  Finally the politics were too much and I ended it.  I still love historical stuff (as you can see from my interest in Steampunk and Dieselpunk) and anythign that has to do with swords, but one big group that has “ranks” in it, not for me any more.  I’d do LARPing, for instance with Alliance, but frankly I haven’t the time and I’m just not very social. 

However, I did end up making some great food when associated with such things.   The food of the Middle Ages/Renaissance weren’t all “rotted meat with spices” (which is generally quite a myth). You can find medival recipes for battered and fried cheese sticks and what amound to funnel cakes (one of the best cookbooks and research on the subject: The Medieval KitchenRecipes from France and Italy ).  I’ve come up with one of my own, for meat pies, that had great acclaim.  Continue reading “From the Kitchen – Meat Pies”