From the Bar – A buncha beers

beerThis weekend we tried a few new beers. We also sampled more of our aging Belgian Golden Ale, which is getting very nice.  It was a time to sample rather have a lot of anyone thing thanks to the evil beeper.  🙂  

These first three were got at my local Giant grocery store.  They recently opened a beer section thanks to the relatively new Pennsylvania law. . 

Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale – Yes, it’s *that* Morimoto if you are a fan of Iron Chef.  The ale is extremely light in feel, though a dark amber in color with a frothy pale head. The percentage alcohol is 4.8%.  I really don’t taste anything particularly soba, aka buckwheat, in this ale (love buckwheat pancakes and the noodles).  But it would make a great refreshing beer for a hot sultry summer day.  I wonder what a shot of yuzu would do for it. There is a stronger version of this called Black Obi, which I would like to try. 

Elysian Bete Blanche –  This is a Belgian style tripel.  I’ll have to say that I think our Belgian style ale is just as good.  This one has 7.5% alcohol.  To me, it smells like cream soda, which is different from our own which has a very strong spice aroma.  This one isn’t as sweet as some triples can be and I can taste some of the vegetal notes of the hops.     Continue reading “From the Bar – A buncha beers”