What the Boss Likes – a little self-promotion

I’ve started an etsy store for my alcohol ink paintings, EvanescentInks.¬† It’s entirely a vanity project. ūüôā

Please enjoy the images!¬† If you would like to buy one, neat!¬† But don’t feel like you should.

The image is my take on the hobo sign for kind woman, and in my instance, one with claws.  I came up with it a handful of months ago.

What the Boss Likes – my adventures in alcohol ink art

I’ll be the first one to tell you I don’t have much in the way of artistic skills.¬† I’ve tried piano when I was little, and never got it.¬† My grandmother and great aunt tried their best to teach me how to crochet and tat and I was an abysmal failure at those.¬† I can trace and copy well, but that’s about it.¬†¬† Alcohol inks make me feel like¬†I actually can be an artist.¬† They are a cantankerous medium, often wanting to do what they want rather than what the artist wants.¬† But that’s half the fun.

Alcohol Art Ink Community on Facebook has a lot of wonderful help and they have a very nice website. There are also a lot of videos on youtube.¬† These are all on ceramic tiles I got at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.¬† You can also get tiles at a home improvement place.¬† I’ve just started working at one, happily no longer working with government.

Some of my attempts:

I plan to put these together in a frame for my new kitchen.


inks on a cheap plastic serving plate

Again, fair warning to anyone who came upon my website.¬† I do have a lot of fun posts like this but I also have my opinion posts which give my religious (atheist)¬†and political (pragmatic progressive)¬†opinions in a very unvarnished way.¬† If you want to avoid those, just ignore the posts titled “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation”.