Not so polite dinner conversation – HB 1077 or Episode 2 in Pennsylvania lawmakers looking for a theocracy

Representative Kathy Rapp (R- McKean, Forest and )  has taken it upon herself to try to force yet one more medically unnecessary ultrasound on a woman before she gets an abortion.  Her bill, HB 1077 has these provisions: 

–  all women seeking an abortion to receive a mandatory ultrasound at least 24 hours in advance
 –  the ultrasound screen to be aimed toward the woman’s face but “permits her to avert her eyes”
 –  that a woman seeking abortion care accept two printouts of the ultrasound image, and requires she deliver the image to her physician in order to have the procedure. 

Golly, Rep. Rapp, the woman is “permitted” to avert her eyes?   Why not say that her head should be strapped down and her eyes forced open? 

clockwork orange 1971
yes, Jon Stewart used this too

Well, even that might be more than you want to admit wanting to since that would undeniably show that you are only interested in controlling people.  The people advocating this type of bill claim to not be trying to force a woman to change her mind about abortions.  If this were the case, then they would not bring up such bills which have no other purpose; they would simply allow women and their doctors alone.  It’s a shame that they have to try to lie about it when it’s so pitifully obvious. 

Here are those who co-sponsored the bill and who evidently want to play doctor too: Adolph, Aument, M. Baker, Barbin, Barrar, Bear, Benninghoff, Bloom, Boback, Boyd, Brooks, R. Brown, Caltagirone, Causer, Christiana, Clymer, Cox, Creighton, Schlegel-Culver, Cutler, Day, Denlinger, Dunbar, Ellis, Emrick, Evankovich, J. Evans, Everett, Fleck, Gabler, Geist, Gibbons, Gillen, Gillespie, Gingrich, Godshall, Grell, Grove, Hackett, Hahn, Harkins, Harris, Heffley, Helm, Hennessey, Hess, Hickernell, Hornaman, Hutchinson, Kauffman, Michaels-Kavulich, F. Keller, Killion, Knowles, Kotik, Krieger, Kula, Lawrence, Longietti, Mahoney, Major, Maloney, Marshall, Marsico, Masser, Metcalfe, Metzgar, Miccarelli, Micozzie, Millard, Moul, Murt, Mustio, Oberlander, Payne, Peifer, Perry, Pickett, Pyle, Quigley, Rapp, Readshaw, Reed, Reese, Reichley, Roae, Rock, Saccone, Santoni, Saylor, Scavello, Schroder, Simmons, K. Smith, S. Smith, Sonney, Stern, Stevenson, Swanger, Tallman, Tobash, Toepel, Toohil, Truitt, Turzai, Vereb, Vulakovich, Watson.

For all of the claims that we should have a smaller gov’t funny how all of thse people want gov’t up in the vagina of women who don’t agree with them.  I’m wondering if this bill will meet the same fate as the on inVirginia. You know, the one that had everyone trying to cover their butts by claiming that they simply didn’t “understand” what was going on. Always good to know that our legislators are either too lazy to read bills or too ignorant to realize that people are watching what they do.  

To let these men and women know that it’s not their place to practice medicine or to force their religious views on others here are their emails so you don’t have to waste time finding them all or chasing down one of the handy books that all lobbyists have:

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