From the Bar – Philadelphia Distilling

Shine Whiskey

My husband and I like a lot of the products coming from the distilleries inPhiladelphia.  We recently picked up a bottle of Shine Whiskey from Philadelphia Distilling. Everyone seems to be getting on the bandwagon of the “next new thing”, and this month that’s “moonshine” (we even have tv shows about idiots with stills).  Shine is smooth for what it is.  But…it tastes so much like corn and more like corn cobs than the tender niblets.  I feel like I’ve gotten some of the silage from my youth in my mouth.   Most recipes I’ve seen for it sounds just horrible.  Mmmm, corn and anise.  Corn and coca cola.  I just don’t think I can go there.   

Sometime later….. Okay, I tried it with a mixer.  Clamato.  I do love Clamato (yes, I love Clamato.  I like Spam too, again what can I say?) , but even this wasn’t enough to kill that weird sweet corn cob taste.  Maybe straight tomato juice for a simpler Mexican riff?  I just don’t think there’s much that can make this stuff appealing.

Bluecoat Gin

One more in a line of favorites from Philadelphia Distilling, Bluecoat Gin is about the only gin I can stand but it’s not so far removed from standard that it just becomes another flavored spirit.  Bluecoat is very citrus forward but still has the evergreen scent of gin.  It makes quite a nice Pink Lady.  And all that’s demure about that drink is the color.  Always lull them into a false sense of security.

Vieux Carre Absinthe

I hate the taste of anise, liquorish, fennel, etc.  It seems to be in so many spirits (including Nyquil!) and my one grandmother loved the stuff, evil little black jellybeans in her candy dish. Must be damn easy to grow near fermentable grain.  My husband loves ouzo but only for the rush it brings.  That being said, this absinthe, another offering fromPhiladelphia isn’t bad for someone who hates that gawdawful flavor.  Vieux Carre has a much stronger Artemisia (aka wormwood) flavor than some, reminding me of sweet hay.  The louche is very nice and it is indeed a lovely drink to at least look at.  We mix it with simple syrup (2x) rather than screwing around with sugar cubes.  Might be a steampunk thing to do but I have not the patience.

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