Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Why I’m going to the Reason Rally

The Reason Rally is tomorrow. Yep, the weather may well suck, but it doesn’t matter (and heck the farmers need the rain. Since I need them who am I to bitch?).  I’m relatively close by, and people need to see that atheists, agnostics, free thinkers, etc, are willing to stand up to be counted.   I’m proud to be an atheist and my worldview is what evidence supports.  I was raised a Presbyterian Christian and accepted that as the truth.  But the evidence just didn’t hold up.  I even tried other religions, and they didn’t hold up any better than Christianity. The fact that there are people who believe in such supernatural nonsense *and* try to make others believe, or at least obey it too, amuses and horrifies me.

Unfortunate I didn’t have my good camera along, but I think my cell captures the hypocrisy quite nicely.

Right now we have local Catholics who are sure that their religious freedom is being threatened by someone else having access to birth control and are demonstrating on the Capitol steps,  but dont’ give a damn about anyone else’s religious freedom when they try to force their beliefs on others. 

 Ah hypocrisy.

  Expecting a god to do anything is a recipe for disaster.  It is humans, and their hard dirty work, that have raised themselves to where we are today.  We did not need any bogeyman to help us or to scare us into being civilized beings.  We did that on our own. And now atheists are doing something we feel important on our own too.  

I’m not exactly looking forward to it.  I hate crowds, and with my so-so hearing, I probably won’t be able to hear a damn thing, but I know I must go since I can.  It’s my responsibility to stand up for what I believe in and to stand up for all those who can’t attend and who will come after me.

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