Not so polite dinner conversation – True Reason

I’ve been engaging with Tom Gilson, someone with the True Reason group. I had stated that I had not heard or seen this group at the Reason Rally. I was suprised I couldn’t find them despite looking around because they claimed the following:

“We’ll be equipped there with: Gifts of kindness to give away–free bottled water, for example Mini-book (32-page) summarized versions of True Reason, an exciting soon-to-be-published ebook written especially for this purpose. Flyers advertising that ebook. A limited number of copies of a currently published book on Christianity and atheism.”

They claimed to need the following: “Third, consider making a donation. Even a small amount – $5, $20, or $50 – when pooled together, makes a big difference. We are seeking to raise a total of $5,000 for this outreach.” Their website is here:

Tom emailed me to contend my claim, that I had said that as far as I could tell they weren’t there.  I asked him for evidence.  And he complied.  Lo and behold it seems that at least Tom was there and talked to a real live Reason Rally attendee. We have two versions of the encounter, and it does remind me a bit of Citizen Kane in the differences presented:


Here’s even a picture that has Christians talking to PZ Myers:

Addition: here’s a review of their booklet:  thank you Skeptimus for doing this work.

and PZ supposedly got one of the mysterious booklets. That’s great evidence for me. So I can say again, *I* didn’t see them anywhere” and amend it “but it certainly seems that they were there.”  Addition: an other atheist who almost missed the True Reason people:  Across the street from the Rally?  What afraid of biting atheists?  Ah, only our commentary.

I wonder how the True Reason people decided which rally attendees to approach. My husband and friend stayed in one place for the three hours we were there, to the left of the main screen, about in line with the VIP seating. I wandered the whole area. Tom, if you read this, can you give us insight on this process?

The True Reason website also asked for this: “First, join us in prayer. We are asking God to empower this loving, intelligent response to the Reason Rally. Our goal is to make a positive difference with each person we reach through this effort.” Considering nothing fails like prayer, and I’ve had Christians (probably thousands by now) praying for my conversion,  I expect no “positive difference” aka “conversions” have happened. But as always, any reports?

If their prayers don’t work, will Christians be honest enough to admit it?

Addition:  This is one of the websites that is shilling for the True Reason book:   And now look at the “best reasons”:

Oh…my.  Yes, it’s really that bad. And you know all of these are in this ever-so special book.  As I said on my Amazon review, all of the $3 book is available for free on the internet.  Nothing new at all.  And the rebuttals of this nonsense can also be found on the internets too.  Some of my favorites sources:

and if anyone has a pet one that they think is “really really good”, please submit it and I’ll do a blog entry just for you.

5 thoughts on “Not so polite dinner conversation – True Reason

  1. Hrrm the cosmological reason for God?

    I refer to it as underpants Gnome theology.

    Step One: Find something science has no explanation for

    Step two: Shrug

    Step three: Declare the God of Christendom exists!


    1. Teological argument? It is the cosmological argument, only from a fifth grader. “The purpose of the Ocean is for God to put fish in it


  2. Apologies for necromancing an old thread, but I thought I’d inform you that they’ve polished this turd and released it in print form. (See Friendly Atheist for the details.)

    Good job on the Amazon book review, btw. It appears to have hit a few raw nerves. So much so that a certain Sue felt herself compelled to leave a comment over a year and a half later.


    1. I have no problem with necro-ing a thread 🙂 indeed they have polished a complete turd. Nothing new and just meant to separate TrueChristians from their money, just like that retread Jesus movie and the awful looking “Noah”.


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