From the bar – Stemmari Nero D’Avola

 what the heck does “dry” really mean? 

Take the Stemmari Nero D’Avola, a Sicilian red

the label

 Vintage 2009.   I see it be called “anything but dry” in other reviews.  Then what does that make my box wines?  Blocks of sugar?  Well, maybe to a point but they aren’t only sweet either.  

This wine reminds of me of two things: chocolate and blue plums  Like many children it seems that the mention of baking chocolate is only partially heard.  Mom has chocolate in the cupboard!  This knowledge encouraged me to move chairs to clamber up onto the countertop and get to it.  Ah, the prized chocolate is at hand.  And then, that first taste….. Mom lied!

But you grow up and learn to appreciate the bitterness of chocolate.  Eventually.   Add that flavor to the sweet fruity but tannic prune plums that the blues are and you have this wine.

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