What the Boss likes – George Takei, Kraft and General Mills

Ain’t it sweet!

Many years ago, I had the great pleasure and honor to meet and have dinner with George Takei.  This was at college when I was helping pick speakers to come in.  He had been at my college before, back when I was then in junior high and since I got the chance, and me being a good Original Series Trekkie, I made sure we got him again.  He even signed my Technical Manual (of course on the navigation page! Yes, I’m a nerd. Big suprise, eh?)   He is indeed as nice as he appears on TV.

Now he’s probably known as much for his work for human rights, specifically gay rights as he is for portraying Mr. Sulu.   I have one of his t-shirts: http://www.allegiancemusical.com/its-ok-be-takei-merchandise  But I got one of the original ones that are *much* closer to the uniform badge 🙂 

And he has come up with a wondeful image just to show how ridiculous and idiotic bigots are ———————————–>    


As my husband, and sure others have said: In Cookie Veritas 

This is an addition to a lovely ad that Kraft did.   General Mills is also in the fray since they’ve also said that they don’t support a Minnesota ballot measure that wants to again restrict rights to only heterosexual couples.  You can happily eat Toaster Strudel, Haagen Dazs and….. BUGLES and be happy that General Mills is a decent organization.  

Now get out there and tell Kraft and General Mills how much you appreciate their anti-bigotry stance: 



and here’s a lovely blog post about just how entertainingly hypocritical some Christians can be over this nonsense.

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