What the Boss Likes – Iron Sky Review

Space Nazis!

Find a way to see Iron Sky.  Yes, you want to; you really really want to.  Do what Vel says.  But fair warning, it is not politically correct at all in the best way possible.  If you are offended by “tea party” icons and ideals vigorously ridiculed, it’s my guess you’ll have a lot of trouble with this movie.   

This movie isn’t quite what I thought it was going to be when I first blogged about it.  It’s better.  The cgi is phenomenal, and damn near miraculous looking for a low-budget production and the story is funny, vicious and cynical.  Hopefully without giving too much away by just saying this, I have to say that this is on par with a movie I very much love: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

SPOILERS and such below the jump. You have been warned.

Hmmm, the president of theUnited States(never given a name) is female, wears glasses, has long brown hair with bangs, prefers the color red and is a reactionary idiot.  Yep, you know exactly who this is supposed to be.  Sarah Palin as president.  There, that’s says it all doesn’t it?  Perhaps the worst idea for president since Merkin Muffley graced the screen in Strangelove, though Romney is doing his best to supplant her with his rather amazing ineptitude.  The actress, Stephanie Paul, nails the portrayal and does an excellent job of showing just why the former vice-presidential candidate scares a lot of people, including me. Nothing about her actions is that “far-fetched”.  And that’s what made Strangelove so disturbing too.

Lovely and competent, Renate Richter is the romantic and action lead.  She is no shrinking screaming violet as her character would be in most B movies.  She gets a clue and happily, it doesn’t take forever.  I very much hope to see more of Julia Dietze in other projects.  

James Washington pairs with her as the heroic duo.  A model sent aboard the moon mission as a publicity stunt (you will cringe, and laugh, when you see the huge election banner inTimes Squaresaying “Black to the Moon? Yes we can!” complete with the “president’s” picture)  he’s a decent and humane everyman character.  I will say that the “albinizing” (yep, it’s exactly what you’re thinking) made little sense and wasn’t needed in the movie much at all, though it does give one good Strangelove homage.

The rest of the characters are pretty stock, the villainous sexually aggressive political advisor, and, of course, the Nazis.  They are played quite well, and up to mustache-twirling excellence, by some German character actors that, if you like the SF and horror genres, you’ve seen before. Take a look at the film’s website to see who they all are and their credits.  You can also find release dates, etc.  The reviews and interviews are worth reading. With a film like this, all sorts of things can happen.

Like Strangelove, the movie comes to the denouement you’d expect with warmongering political leaders.  The space battle is fantastic with all ships knowing nods to spacecraft (and dirigibles…and tanks…) that have gone before.  “We’ll Meet Again” would be appropriate for the very last shot.

For the credits, we get the song “Under the Iron Sky”  by Laibach, one that would not be out of place sung by a woman in a slinky bias cut dress and a large microphone.

I very much enjoyed this film.  I think the “crowd” in crowdsourcing the funds for the movie got their monies worth.

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