What the Boss Likes – The Mormon Candidate

No, the boss doesn’t like Romney, but she likes the BBC documentary “The Mormon Candidate”, which I saw on Current TV last night.  Generally, I find Current about as interesting as CSPAN but occasionally it gets my interest.  It does a great job showing how odd religion is and Mormonism aka Church of Later Day Saints is certainly an odd one.  The oddest?  Hmmm, maybe Scientology with its Xenu, bombs, “thetans” and meters, but how is that much different from a god that is a very human braggart that kills people for keeping its box upright, floods with no evidence, “angels”, and prayers that don’t work?

I do wish the BBC would do the same type of work showing how odd all religions are, because none of them can point and laugh at Mormonism and not be hypocrites about their own religion.  Catholicism and evangelical Christianity would be a great two for one to see the similarities and contrasts of claims of the “true” religion.  


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