Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Prepare yourselves folks

Our current guest Christian, Woody, has decided to post his rebuttal to my flood post on his website.  It’s not up yet but should be soon and he’s even promised a video!  He has given me a preview which I am sharing here.   He has declared that anyone who tries to comment on this on his website will not likely be allowed since he feels that the posts would be obscene and “vicious” aka show him how wrong he is.  This is unsurprising. I wouldn’t suggest spending too much time on something made to be nonsense slung at a wall and left to see what sticks, in yellow lettering on red of course. 

A large jpg file that is rather....amazing.
A large jpg file that is rather….amazing.

As literal Christian posts go, it’s pretty typical.  You can see examples of posting long superseded information as if it were cutting edge and the attempts at attacking of that which we already know to be in error.  We see appeals to authority and none of them are current authorities.  Bible literalists do love those authorities that come from  before the contintentla drift theory was confirmed especially.  We have claims of dinosaur fossils in with human fossils and of course for those claims, not even a citation.  It’s very telling when someone who has little chance of proving their arguments suddenly ceases to support them but hopes everyone will think that those bits of nonsense are supported anyhow. It’s a dangerous tactic, to try to deceive your audience and we see it fail here quite dramatically.   

I should have plenty of time to pick this apart later in the week.  If your eyes can have a go at something so intentionally unreadable, have at it.





11 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Prepare yourselves folks

    1. Those are great folk stories, I read then when I was very young and can remember the Disney versions before they became politically incorrect. And yes, I do see the similarities 🙂 Consider it a way for me to pass time.


  1. I’ve commented on a few of his posts after he commented on another Christian blog. This dude is the worst of literalists: home school (which means indoctrination was thorough and complete) and undoubtedly attending a borderline insane place of “higher” education.

    Interestingly, the more mainstream Christians on the other website have stopped short of admitting this guy is in left field. I think that’s because deep down that would feel like blasphemy. After all, young Woody is merely parroting the Bible itself.


    1. Indeed. I have found that Christians will do the “circle the wagons” maneuver when it comes to one of their own being batshit crazy. They know that their beliefs are not so different at all and they must defend all such nonsense. They will of course get terribly offended if you directly compare them with their lunatic brethren.


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