What the Boss Likes – Some straight out evidence that religious leaders don’t believe what they tell the masses

bush-and-cardinalsIn a rather absurd display of supposed democracy, we have cardinals voting for the next pope.  Now, if this god of theirs wanted a certain person, surely it could be more clear about it?  We had burning bushes, prophets, who were supposedly accurate,  guided right to the correct person, etc in the bible, but here in 21st century Earth, we have a bunch of old men casting ballots. Seems a bit of a letdown.  Unsuprising in this age of people not accepting claims of nonsense so readily.

I can just imagine if someone stood up in front of the conclave and said “I’m it. God chose me.”  The cardinals would never believe it.  And that shows that they don’t believe in their religion at all.  What they do profess to believe is just for convenience.

Lest my other theist readers assume I find them any less silly, they  accept those who claim to be prophets and pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, etc from people who just say they know what a certain god really means, no divine indication necessary either.  It’s not a shock their leaders fail just as badly.

Postscript: Fascinating new version of the gospel from Coptic Source:

Shape-shifting Jesus Described in Ancient Egyptian Text.

14 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Some straight out evidence that religious leaders don’t believe what they tell the masses

    1. heh. 🙂 Hmmm but wasn’t that bush smokeless? As has been said, one might think it was a pound of prime Columbian (or salvia, that stuff is nasty).

      I’ve also thought the phrase “blowing smoke up my ass” (lying to sell someone something) is appropriate too, “blowing smoke out of the vatican”.


  1. This is not democracy, as no citizens where allowed to vote. This is literally the Islamic Shura, where the Ulema (non elected religious leaders) decide on behalf of citizens what to do.

    Besides if this is the fourth grey smoke this means that no one wants this position!


  2. But don’t you get it- the people of the old times had all those miracles and many of them still didn’t believe in god! How would revealing his holy self now be any different?

    That’s why he doesn’t make himself obvious anymore, because no one believes anyway

    (in the same breath) and if you would just look around you, you will see millions of miracles all the time.



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