Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – that ol’ war on Easter

It’s no surprise to anyone that there are a lot of Americans that are amazingly ignorant and very loud about it.  Bill O’Reilly is one of the loudest.

This time?  Well, Bill has this to say “Easter is a good holiday, you don’t have to believe in Jesus…” Video here.

This is a lovely sequel to Bill claiming that Christianity is a philosophy, not a religion. Of course Bill is a liar since he said in the same interview that Christianity *is* a religion.  Poor thing, just wants attention so badly.

Isn’t it precious?  And how appropriate for Easter, when dear Bill denies his supposed savior so emphatically on national television.  I think we can give Bill three whole crowing cocks.

rooster rooster rooster


And tsk, Bill and Laura:

“When you said a ‘spring egg,’ I thought there literally was a spring on an egg!” Ingraham said.

“I thought it was something on a Chinese menu – like a spring roll,” O’Reilly said.

Wow.  I do love how they go out of their way to underline just how stupid they are. It saves me so much time.

Perhaps they’d like a spring surprise?





6 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – that ol’ war on Easter

  1. Easter had me so confused as a kid. I thought that Christians were celebrating the gruesome death of Jesus, which I thought was really weird. All those crosses, I thought it was like, “Yay, we killed him!” I just totally didn’t get it. But I liked it when my relatives gave me chocolate, so I didn’t ask too many questions.

    But if they take the religious part out of it and just make it a holiday about Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, in a few years we’ll have people complaining about the commercialization of Easter and how we’ve lost the real meaning of the holiday.

    Oh, yeah, I hope you don’t mind me commenting without actually viewing the O’Reilly video.


    1. Oh I wouldn’t expect anyone to watch Billy say anything. One can be sure that he is just that stupid without seeing it. I remember getting several chocolate crosses, so I was at times happily nibbling on a torture device. No crucifixes though, we were Protestant. I’ve posted pictures of chocolate crucifixes here, so I wonder if you’re supposed to bite off Jesus’ ears first.

      and you are far too right that people will start whining about the “real meaning” of the holiday. But at the moment, it’ll be rare to hear even liberal Christians complain about O’Reilly’s pure silliness. They know they that they are far too similar to him to make much of a fuss.


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