What the Boss Likes – a small hiatus and some cool things

Since I’m wrapping up my last two days of work at my current position, I’ll be taking a little longer to answer replies.  I should be back to normal (or a reasonable facsimile) shortly.

A couple cool things.  John Paulk, the posterboy for the lies about “ex-gay” therapy, has admitted that he’s lied about being “ex-gay” and has apologized.  Better late than never, but the harm he has caused can’t be forgotten.

Most awesome geology and science show on Australia the First 4 Billion Years thanks to NOVA.  I thought I was reasonably informed about Australia and its geological and paleontological history.  I wasn’t. 

First episode here. (the green bar on the right) You can watch them online but I’m not sure if that is restricted by country.


Postscript – and this, I had to put this up


6 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – a small hiatus and some cool things

      1. Really? We don’t get Nova here 😦

        I dated a girl who’s dad own a property in western Queensland. It was peppered with smokey opal, just lying around on the surface! I kid you not. i left with a good half a kilo worth.


      2. You’re a champion! You know in nearly ten years of serious hiking and fishing the mountain streams i’ve only ever seen one platypus in the wild. I’ve been attacked by kangaroos and even a wombat, but just the one platypus.


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