What the Boss Likes – superheroes, sheep, a review of the new ST movie, and one spectacular failure

Wondermark’s amusement at Batman’s expense:  http://wondermark.com/939/   Not sure if I came up with this on my own but I came up with an explanation of Batman and his villains. Bruce is nuts and was funding them himself.  How else explain why the Joker always has plenty of money to build deathtraps?

Art of Manliness has a new series of posts about people being sheep, sheepdogs or wolves: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/05/14/are-you-a-sheep-or-sheepdog/


I09 has a great explanation of the new “Star Trek” movie and shows why it is so very very bad (full of spoilers of just how utterly stupid the plot is):  http://io9.com/star-trek-into-darkness-the-spoiler-faq-508927844

Some people may try to excuse such a pathetic bastardization with the claims that it’s a “different vision”.  No, it isn’t.  This mess is the result of a hack trying to make money off of what people love and who has no idea why they loved it.  If this idea for a plot was so great, then why not simply make a new series and let it stand on its own merits since it sure as hell isn’t recognizable at Star Trek and Kirk and Spock.  No, we get a script with nothing original, the most ridiculous deus ex machine (and yes I know how ST:TOS depended on that) and not even good writing to make up for the fact that there are very few original ideas anymore.

oh these poor things. :)
oh these poor things. 🙂

I made bagels again.  Let this stand as a lesson on how not to make them.  I was interrupted in the process and let the sponge sit too long.  I thought I could rescue it.  The results are as my husband has decreed them, BINOS, bagels in name only.   Follow the directions, don’t get too cocky and there is no trouble.

Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel is a great show.  They do a great job on showing how our brains aren’t perfect.

FFRF Crankmail is great for a chuckle.  My the language that some theists use.   This goes back in time a bit to include November 2012’s hilarious bits:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwup4BYc3J4

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