From The Kitchen, From the Bar and a movie – Grilled chicken, shandies and Jack the Giant Slayer

grilled chickenThis weekend, it being a little cooler than last, we decided to grill.  I pulled out a recipe from my latest issue of Saveur Magazine, Gai Yahng or Thai style chicken with sweet chili sauce.  It is basically a cilantro and garlic marinade for chicken, which you then grill.  I find gas grills to be banes of my existence, never getting hot enough and making everything taste of propane.  I’m of the opinion I may as well just cook on my gas stove on cast iron.  We grill with charcoal, preferably hardwood charcoal pieces and not briquets (our grill here, sans optional smoker box).  For chicken, I find that indirect grilling works best (instructions here), with the coals under one part of the grill grates and the other side empty.  Then you can control just how much heat the chicken gets.  It took about 50 minutes to grill 4 fat thighs to an internal temp of approximately 200 degrees F (around 100 celcius).

chicken mealThis recipe made some of the best grilled chicken we’ve had in a long time.  However, you *must* love cilantro and garlic.  I made a basic shredded carrot salad with a basic vinaigrette with cumin, paprika and just a pinch of cinnamon and caynne.  Quinoa with toasted onions rounded out the meal.

For beverage, we got the new Leinenkugel shandy pack (all cans).  They have just come out with an orange shandy to join their already tasty lemon and lemon/berry shandies.  The orange has a great but not overly sweet true orange flavor. They *all* went very well with the grilled spicy chicken.  They don’t even have the orange on their website yet, so here’s a link to the lemon.

The movie for the weekend was Jack the Giant Slayer.  I will have to say that I wasn’t expecting it to be very good.  However, I thought it was one of the better fantasy movies I’ve seen in a long long while.  It had appealing characters, the bad guy gets what he deserves, decent CGI and it was a great deal of fun to watch even for this pair of 45+ year old nerds.

5 thoughts on “From The Kitchen, From the Bar and a movie – Grilled chicken, shandies and Jack the Giant Slayer

  1. Love cooking with charcoal, the grill is heating up as I write this. There is a marinade we use for chicken (garlic does its best to kill me, and my wife uses way too much of the stuff) it is called simply “Wickers.” We love the stuff, especially with chicken…not bad with pork either.


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