What the Boss Likes – Welcome new troopies!

FriendlyNeighborhoodAtheistHi,  just wanted to welcome my influx of new troopies (aka followers).  I see I’ve gained a bunch of Christians troopies.  If you’d like to debate with me or ask me, your friendly neighborhood atheist, any questions, please do.  I’ll give you my unvarnished opinion about anything.  I am willing to talk about just about anything.   And I’m sure my ‘net friends will contribute their thoughts too.   I’ll let through just about any comment as long as it has some merit and yep, I consider foul-worded posts to have merit occasionally.  It’s rather like how I find the FFRF crankmail being read to be hilarious.


7 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Welcome new troopies!

    1. oh, darn, it was today that I responded. In case it doesn’t make it through moderation, here is my response:

      Abortion is a rather stupid way to do birth control. However. it is the Catholic Church that has made it a necessity, with their oblivious and ignorant insistence that women are no more than wombs on legs and wombs that can be killed as long as the Church survives by the production of more Catholics. We have seen this again and again when young girls are sacrificed on the altar of the almighty Church.

      Theocrats have decided that they prefer to control women rather than be concerned about actual children. The Roman Catholic Church has shown just how “concerned” with the welfare of children they are, with their blatant attempts to protect the Church rather than protecting children. They have moved money intentionally to protect *money* rather than children. No wonder the RC has lost so much of its power, now relegated to trying to convert other Christians in poor and ignorant countries, just one more Christian sect sure that they are the only “right” one but entirely unable to prove it and trying to claim more people for their “team” from the “teams” of other TrueChristians. They pick and choose what they want to pretend their god declares as true as much as any other Christian. Oh golly, abortion and homosexuality is “sinful” but funny how the savior of this religion never mentioned either other than saying that *all* of his father’s laws are still in place (remember that God hates shrimp on Friday as much as this god hates homosexuals or abortion). It’s great to watch Protestants or as I have recently encountered “non-denominational” Christians be all aghast at being called Roman Catholic. It’s seems that the great Christian family hates each other more than any atheist might care.

      Embryos are not people. If they are, well, your god kills many many of them through spontaneous abortion, aka the result of claiming that “God wills all things”. And if you want to claim that “Thou shalt not kill”. Well, your god does this constantly, from egging on Cain vs. Abel by deciding randomly that meat is better than veggies, to the Flood, to Sodom to Peter killing Saphira by God’s power. And let’s not forget the revenge fantasy of the Book of Revelation. I know, the argument will be “but but, God is exempt from his laws”. Yep, go for that. It becomes nothing more than might equals right. Please do go with that. It’s nothing different from any other religion created in the Bronze/Iron Age. Just one more magical being that is very very human, it’s just more powerful. One more human fantasy, to punish those who disagree with them.

      Also, nice lies to see told about Planned Parenthood. So, did you miss Romans 3, where it says liars for god aren’t for god at all. Or oh, the “ten” commandments where it says that bearing false witness is damnable?


      1. Gold! Pure gold. You are the master, my friend!

        I was in moderation for most of yesterday, so let’s hope she free’s you. I want to see the response.


  1. I got to “We have seen this again and again when young girls are sacrificed on the altar of the almighty Church” and then stopped reading. If you want your comment to make it through moderation, you’re going to have to be more charitable than that.


    1. Why yes, stopping reading is a great way to remain in denial, my dear Roman Catholic believer. Your demands that I should be “charitable” are quite interesting when the Roman Catholic Church tries to control women and puts their lives in danger continually by insisting that a fetus is more important than a woman and trying to keep women ignorant of their sexuality, tries to avoid responsibility (claiming that priests aren’t part of the Church to avoid having to pay legal costs is quite amusing), etc etc. Being charitable means to be merciful or kind in judging others in this contex. Telling the truth about the Roman Catholic Church is being merciful and kind, to those who are continually harmed by it. Your inability to actually address any of the concerns I have brought up is not surprising at all. You have found that you must try to hide the truth rather than confront it.

      I also am not “charitable” to people who intentionally lie. I seem to recall that your supposed god isn’t charitable to liars either.


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