What the Boss Likes – welcome new followers

Hello new and old followers,

Just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the Club.  This is where I natter about things that I like or find interesting.   It can range from home brewing to art to politics to religion and everywhere else.   If you want to avoid the sturm und drang posts about politics and religion, don’t read any titled “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation”.

You can find more about your host in “The Boss’s Office” section at the top right.

Share your recipes!  I have recipes all through the blog. I collected some here.

I’m an atheist so if you are a theist following me for whatever reason, feel free to ask questions.  I do wonder why you follow an atheist’s blog, so feel free to tell me. I’ve been debating theists for a couple of decades now.

The search function works fairly well for the blog, so you can see if I’ve addressed something before.

I have pretty liberal commenting policies here.  Basically, don’t waste time using pointless cursing or personal attacks.   I do ask that if you make promises to provide information about your claims, that you actually do so.  If you just vanish mid-discussion, there is little reason to believe that you had any information in the first place. I reserve the right to ridicule someone over that.

That’s about it.  Wander around the place, see how I do things, and make yourselves comfortable.

What the Boss Likes – Welcome new troopies!

FriendlyNeighborhoodAtheistHi,  just wanted to welcome my influx of new troopies (aka followers).  I see I’ve gained a bunch of Christians troopies.  If you’d like to debate with me or ask me, your friendly neighborhood atheist, any questions, please do.  I’ll give you my unvarnished opinion about anything.  I am willing to talk about just about anything.   And I’m sure my ‘net friends will contribute their thoughts too.   I’ll let through just about any comment as long as it has some merit and yep, I consider foul-worded posts to have merit occasionally.  It’s rather like how I find the FFRF crankmail being read to be hilarious.