What the Boss Likes – Rep. Tammy Duckworth doing what legislators should do

US Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D – Illinois) does a wonderful job at taking down someone who is trying to scam the VA and US citizens.

Rep. Duckworth has lost both legs and may lose her arm from injuries serving as a real soldier.   The horrible person she is addressing, Castillo, turned his ankle in a military prep school, and now is trying to use it to get preference in gov’t contracts as a service disabled veteran.  He’s far too much like so many people I’ve encountered who want to play soldier but never actually get around to serving.


And shockingly Rep. Issa (generally quite a wannabee theocrat, and general twit) was very gracious to Rep. Duckworth.  Of course, there was no way he could say she was wrong.

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