Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Various thoughts on politics and the current stupidity in the US

While I’m not watching the Daily Show and Jon Stewart’s unfathomable fascination with Bill O’Reilly.  I thought I’d do some opinining about politics.

First with Bill O’Reilly. The man is willfully ignorant  and is proud of it or he’s just a liar and is playing his ignorant audience (hmmm, he has claimed, about himself “This is all an act.” Colbert Report, 18 January 2007).  Nice choice, isn’t it?  This is the man who claims that no one understands how tides work: “I think it takes more faith to be like you, an atheist, than like me, a believer, and it’s because of nature. You know, I just don’t think we could’ve lucked out to have the tides come in, the tides go out, sun go up, sun go down. Don’t think it could’ve happened.”  He tried to excuse his ignorance with now claiming he “really” meant that we don’t know how the moon got there, not that no one understands how the tide works, and of course has to call those who pointed out his ignorance names as if he was on a playground. You can find it on youtube, just search “where did it all come from”, for I am not going to link to such nonsense.  Alas for Bill, we have a supported theory for where everything came from too.  Nothing for his god yet. Phil Plait did a good blog post to show how much of a twit BO is, and here’s a good video explaining why BO is dishonest and wrong (warning you have to listen BO’s apologia for his own claims).

He consistently claims he’s never said things he has said, and alas for him, recording media exists. But he’s arrogant enough  (or delusional enough) to think that it doesn’t record him.  To treat him like anything more than the vermin he is, is pointless and only gives him some veneer of intelligence and respectability.

On Health Care –

I might have bought at one time that the Republicans did care about the fiscal end of things with this whole “Obamacare” thing.  However, one of the more vile arguments against the Affordable Care Act is that “you” will have to wait for appointments because “they” now have insurance.  You can see the argument made right here.   Now supposedly there was a line item in the act that was to support the increase in medical personnel, but surprise, that was cut out.  “The original ObamaCare bill actually had a line item for increased doctor training. But this provision was zeroed out before passage, probably to keep down the cost of health reform. “  And who is most interested in keeping “costs down” no matter what ?  Yes, you know.  Now, the author (member of the National Center for Policy Analysis, a group that is more climate-change deniers, claiming that there are no pay differences between men and women and famous for making claims with no evidence at all) is sure that the ACA will make things worse, that it will end up creating a two-tier system, an “us” and “them”  since he is sure that doctors will abandon everyone but the wealthy and well, his friends and funders can’t possibly think about waiting and sharing resources with everyone else.  Unfortunately, the author doesn’t realize that he’s talking about what goes on now.  We have those who can pay for whatever they want, and those who can’t, well, they can’t even get insurance.  They depend on emergency rooms, clinics, etc.  The author is advocating for being a selfish asshole while crying crocodile tears about the “second tier”, and he’s appears desperately afraid that “those people” will get that which he thinks only he and his deserves.

On the shutdown – 

We also have the idiots in the House of Representatives now insisting that they need to reopen the national parks and resume processing veterans’ claims.  So much for being all for the government shutdown and so much for people who are sure that we need no government and that their entire mission as serving as representatives is to destroy the government e.g.  “”I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.” – Grover Norquist, twit extraordinaire of the tea partiers and he who required these representatives to sign a no tax pledge to get his “blessing”).

I guess that government is just fine, as long as it supports things that your constituents want/need or invades the privacy of those who you don’t like.   You know, like how dare the Affordable Care Act require people to get insurance or pay a small penalty!  How dare the “guvmint” interfere in health care!….. except when Republicans want to force women to be just as “probed” (with unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds) as they claim that the ACA does in their creepy ads( one and two) with the Burger King-esque  Uncle Sam mask.   Aw, hypocrisy, how cute.

We also have the GOP/TP insisting that they are willing to come to a compromise, but they have attached every ridiculous theocratic and anti-government wish list they have to the spending bill.  Hmmm, whining that if you don’t get all of your way you’ll take your balls and go home isn’t compromise.  And the claims that companies are “forced” to make jobs part time rather than full time because of the ACA?  No, no one is forcing them.  They have chosen to do so, chosen to harm their employees so they can put another quarter in their pocket.

The Republicans and the scorpion they’ve carried on their back, the Tea Party, are such wonderful examples of poor losers, who want to sacrifice anyone on their pyre.  The ACA is a law, vetted the Supreme Court as constitutional.  They lost two presidential elections and they have lost their attempts at keeping “them” from their perceived “us”.  They have lost their myth that white American Christian men are superior and are more deserving.  And they are afraid.  No wonder they are so angry.


Added 10/3/13 –

Where BO declares that his book is better than the bible,  and that JC couldn’t have possibly said “forgive them for they do not know what they do”:—bill-o-reilly-s–killing-jesus-   (auto plays)

yep, he is indeed a narcissistic idiot.  And of course TrueChristian with his faithful magic decoder ring.  (also in comments).

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