Five challenges for the atheist

A good review of what a TrueChristian thinks of “hard questions” for atheists. The Christian assures everyone that his god can use these questions to leave us ol’ atheists to his god. I wonder, since these questions have failed consistently, I do wonder what his excuse is for their failure. What was done “wrong”?

Random thoughts

In the conversation between the atheist and theist, there seem to be a communication breakdown of some sort. I would’t want to be in the christian’s shoes, who feels she must be on the defensive, to defend a belief fostered by several years of indoctrination with little or no thought. It is at such times am glad that I became free. Why am I boring you with such verbiage? Some theist blogger feels the time has come to put the atheist on the defensive and has a list of questions/ challenges meant to do just that. When I stated, in the beginning, about one side not doing it’s work, I meant the theist. From where I sit, it appears to me, they do very little, if any, reading and whatever they read must be what bolsters faith but not what challenges it and this will be evident in the post…

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One thought on “Five challenges for the atheist

  1. Why is finding meaning in a meaningless world such a contradiction for theists? I can demonstrate this easily with a deck of card. Pull out a shuffled deck of cards. Is there a meaning? An order? No. It is meaningless. Now play solitaire with them. Concratulations, you just found meaning in the meaningless. What? It is only by adhering to rules that you did so? Did you ever consider what the person who invented the particular form of solitaire you favor did?



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