What the Boss Likes – Dieselpunk, Max Raabe and his excellent songs

If you are new to this blog, you may not know that Vel likes the world between 1920 and about 1950.  It’s often termed “dieselpunk”, taking a riff off the concept of “steampunk” which is about alternate history for the Victorian Era.   You of course can see I like the Art Deco style from the title logo.

Very fun 20s-30s versions of modern songs, as well as the usual American songbook songs.

We Will Rock You  – yes, it’s Queen

and yes, Oops I did it again

It reminds me of Riff Raff singing it.

and on Sesam Strasse – in German.  I haven’t a clue what he’s singing, but I love Sesame Street.

2 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Dieselpunk, Max Raabe and his excellent songs

  1. “I haven’t a clue what he’s singing, but I love Sesame Street.”

    Ernie: Bert! Yo! Bert!
    Bert: What is it, Ernie?
    Ernie: I’m hearing a lot of strange noises, Bert.

    Bert: That’s what it’s like outdoors, Ernie. Now go to sleep.
    Ernie: But I can’t fall asleep, Bert. I’ve tried everything, Bert — even counting sheep.

    Bert: Then there’s only one solution.
    Ernie: You mean…
    Bert: Uh huh
    Ernie: Ah…

    Together: MAX!!

    Max: Good evening, you two!
    Bert: Good evening. Max, cool of you to make it here so fast. Ernie can’t fall asleep again.
    Ernie: True!
    Bert: Could you sing him a lullaby?
    Max: Gladly. Make yourselves comfortable and listen carefully.


    At the South Pole a penguin sits and looks
    to see if its glacier melts.
    A zebra counts its stripes; concentrates
    until it tires out.
    The Crane (constellation) rises up and charts its course
    while a squirrel looks on with longingness.


    But you, yes you, must go to sleep,
    the stars are in the sky;

    [Ernie: Very well. I’ll lie down.]
    [Bert: Good. You do that.]

    the sun’s already (setting in) Agadir.
    You, yes you, must go to sleep,
    the earth will keep on turning.
    Close your eyes and dreams will come to you.


    Venus watches o’er the universe,
    and all that transpires.
    The moon puts on his glasses
    and can’t believe what it sees.


    While brushing teeth a tiny sheep
    wonders if there’ll be more sweets;
    but during this it gets disturbed by a horse…
    horn concert.
    The wind is buzzing through the trees
    the squirrel yawns
    while a snail leans up against its wall.


    Bert: What kind of dream will it be?

    Max (singing):

    Tomato, apple, apricot
    make themselves all snug
    and when you wake tomorrow
    I’ll bring breakfast to your bed.

    Bert: Oh yes! That would be wonderful.

    Song ends.

    Bert: How does the song continue?

    Max: Shhh! Ernie’s fallen asleep.

    [Max gets up and leaves]

    Burt: But, but Max — I’m suddenly become wide awake. Now I can’t fall asleep.

    {Note: I’ve kept it close to the original meaning, which utterly destroys the meter and rhyming scheme. Fixing that would require some major rewording. And that would require the services of an accomplished lyricist.}


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