What the Boss Likes – a little schadenfreude for the right wing wingnuts

Supposedly there is supposed to be tens of millions of anti-Obama people on the Mall in Washington DC right now.


washington monument 051614

I guess not so much, considering that one would think that  these “patriots” would meet near the Washington Monument in their belief that the Founding Fathers would agree with them.  It seems that the fans at Woodstock and us atheists at the gathering a few years ago might be made of sterner stuff.   This seems to be failing just as well as claims of how some truckers would circle the beltway until someone cried uncle.

You can watch live thanks to a cam at the Smithsonian:  http://www.earthcam.net/projects/smithsonian/?cam=mpa

In that folks claimed that the rain we had at the atheist gathering was God’s disapproval, I wonder if God is upset with these people who are ignoring his words (Romans 13).

Addendum (around 2:45 EDT).  Still no millions.  And such disappointed teabaggers.  Was reading a article about this nonsense on the Washington Times website (you may not want o go there since my IE closed the page because of malicious software).  It had that the “organizers” were all sure that since most hotel rooms were booked in the DC area, this meant that their people were coming in the millions.  Unfortunately for people who are generally ignorant about reality, hotel rooms around DC are pretty much *always* all booked.  As usual, their ability to confuse correlation with causation is in full bloom.


4 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – a little schadenfreude for the right wing wingnuts

    1. yup. 🙂 These folks are quite amazing. They were claiming millions of people would show up, up to *30 million*, which would seem to indicate that they have no idea what the number 30,000,000 really means.


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