What the Boss Likes: #Triplives !

There are few tv shows I love as much as “Agents of SHIELD”.    Last night was wonderful as always.   If you like the Marvel superhero movies, why the hell aren’t you watching this show?   Yep, it’s a “spy” show but the same spirit is still there.


Yep, they killed Trip off doing something heroic.  The rest of the cast made him a good-bye video.  Watch it here.   Clark Gregg, the actor who play Phil Coulson agent extraordinaire, ended with #Triplives.    Now, if you know comic books, no one has to stay dead…ever.

So here’s to hoping that Trip returns.


2 responses to “What the Boss Likes: #Triplives !

  1. Personally, I let the series run a few episodes before I dig in, and watch several at a go. Otherwise, watching each episode individually as it comes out makes the waiting to be excruciating. Too much suspense. “Agents of Shield” is an awesome show.

    • you’re right about that. it’s going to be painful waiting until *March* for the next episode. I do have high hopes for the replacement series Agent Carter. I may have to get myself a red hat 🙂

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