15 Questions for Theists

A great list of questions for theists from hessianwithteeth’s blog. I have a few to add myself:

16)When do you think the essential events of your religion happened e.g. flood, battles, etc?
17)If your answer about good and bad, or good and evil, is that we somehow need one to know the other, how does that affect your version of the afterlife?
18)what is your version of the afterlife?
19) How do you know what parts of your holy book to accept and to reject?

I’ve noted that I  have some new theist followers, so please do offer your answers to this.  Also, if you’ve joined just to pray for me, please do let me know what you are praying for so I can give you updates on how it’s going. 🙂


There are a lot of blog posts and articles out there with questions for atheists. However, there don’t seem to be very many posts with atheists asking questions of theists. So I decided I’d write up some questions for the theists out there.
1)How many gods are there? What are their names?
2)How do you know these gods (or this god) exists? Why do you believe they exist?
3)How do you think the universe began?
4)When do you think the universe began?
5)How do you think life began?
6)When do you think life began?
7)Is morality objective or subjective? How do you know, or why do you believe, this?
8)What do you think this god, or these gods, want from humans? Why?
9)What do humans mean to gods? What is our importance or significance?
10)Could they get whatever it is they want from humans without humans? Do they need whatever…

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