What the Boss Likes – Antibiotics, I love them and the science that discovered them!

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(warning: may be a little more medically graphic than some care to read)

Humans aren’t impervious. We can get infections from a lot of things.   The germ theory allowed us to get into hygiene, and then determined scientists got us arsphenamine, penicillin, and so many more antibiotics. When I watch a historical documentary, especially about a war, I am horrified to think that most of these were before antibiotics. People constantly died of infections we think nothing of because science takes time /and or is determinedly ignored or attacked. Happily, we have them now and I am of a generation that hasn’t had to worry too much about what often killed my ancestors.

Right now, I am recovering from a nasty deep abcess in my groin (yes, that may be too much information but there’s no reason to be embarrassed by it). No idea where it came from but oh boy, it was there. It’s been a while since I’ve had such pain (the pain from my gallbladder attack still wins but not by much)Our bodies do what they can to fight invaders, and my body did its best, white cells died by the thousands or millions, but that wasn’t enough. So, I had my abcess drained, thank you Doctor! Thank modern medicine! I am on three antibiotics, Bactrim (which also has a sulfa drug in it), Keflex and Flagyl. These are all very powerful, they can have side effects, but that’s better than courting sepsis.

I will of course take all to their last pill (and these aren’t small) because I don’t want any little buggies developing a resistance and either re-infecting me again or infecting someone else, which would be worse.

Take all of your antibiotics. Don’t ask for antibiotics for any little thing or for something that is a virus. Get your vaccines if you are medically able. The life you may save may not be your own.

Don’t be embarrassed to tell your doctor exactly what is wrong and where. They’ve heard it all before. There is no need to suffer pointlessly.  Which reminds me, I love painkillers too! Percocet is a wonderful thing when you need it.

Here ends the public service message.  Now excuse me while I nip off and get some much needed sleep.  🙂



3 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Antibiotics, I love them and the science that discovered them!

  1. Them superbugs are coming! In their 2014 report, The Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy researchers warn of having already found India-specific superbugs such as New Delhi metallo-beta lactamase 1 (NDM1) around the world, including France, Japan, Oman and the United States. Scary stuff. Praise Lord Velles i’ve only ever taken antibiotics 2 or 3 times in my entire life.


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