Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – one has an excuse, it’s imaginary

The pope claims that his god “weeps” because his priests abuse children.

Funny how he does a lot more than “weep” against those who piss him off in the bible:

Sodom and Gomorrah

Lot’s wife

First Born of Egypt

Sons of Aaron

Israelites who complained

More Israelites who complained that Israelites were murdered

More Israelites

Uzzah for touching his magic box to keep it upright

The child of David and Bathsheeba for David’s sins

A man who refused to hit a prophet because the prophet said hit him.

42 kids who insulted Elijah for being bald

Sapphira and Ananias

And more to be found here.

Poor ol’ God can’t do a damn thing to stop a rapist but you should be happy he “weeps”.   God, and the pope, are quite a pair of horrible beings.   One has an excuse, it’s imaginary.

10 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – one has an excuse, it’s imaginary

      1. Well, I never said it was a good defense. And I imagine “free will” apologists would take issue with police officers who let thieves exercise their free will with the church offering. But then again, logical consistency isn’t a requirement when it comes to defending matters of faith.

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    1. it’s the same old ‘admit the problem but don’t do anything about it” tactic used by politicians and preachers everywhere.

      Gods are neither powerful or able. That’s why humans have to interpret and act upon their behalf. Then they claim it was gods will.


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