Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: hmmm, who is lying here?

well, now we have the TrueChristian(tm) Kim Davis and the TrueChristian(tm) Pope Francis and their stories don’t quite match.

Now, who is to be believed?

Update:Β  How interesting, the pope met with a gay couple before he met Davis. Hmmm.

and more curious, some possible machinations and conspiracies with an arch bishop in the crosshairs.

14 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: hmmm, who is lying here?

  1. Who has the most to gain? Clearly Davis. This Pope is very media savvy, seems to know what to do to reverse the damage of Ratzinger did to Catholicism’s reputation. Both are glory hogs, to be sure, but the Pope has the least to gain and the most to lose, and he knows it.


  2. lol…

    The Gospel According to Kim doesn’t sync with the Gospel According to Francis. Looks like a job for Captain Hermeneutics.


      1. What surprised me is how quickly this ecumenical romance faltered. The Vatican is (rightfully) concerned about the political repercussions of endorsing a loose cannon like Davis, while the fundamentalists are non-plussed that Davis would stoop to receiving trinkets from the anti-Christ.

        What was originally intended as a show of Christian solidarity has now turned into a sectarian game of “he said/she said.”

        And I’m McLovin’ It.


  3. I think that just by looking at the pair of them there is every reason to suspect they are aliens, and the rosaries handed over are some form of communication device.
    As both parties seem to be very cagey about the meeting. As her hubby was there, I am opting for an alien menage a trois

    By the way, the post about what if JC was who he is or whatever … over at Cindy’s spot has just been taken down. She got pissed about something or another.
    Shame , really. I rather thought your comments very pretty good.



    1. I love it. They are reptiloids, along with Queen Elizabeth.

      it doesn’t surprise me at all that Cindy took down posts that dared question her claims. So much for the “Truth” she claimed. If it were, then she would have had no problem in countering my comments. thanks for the compliment. πŸ™‚

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      1. Godless Cranium got involved in a similar to and fro with her on another of her posts asking the very same question. Her responses to him were just as maddening, and the poor bloke got just as frustrated.


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