Not So Polite Conversation – when deities have a hard time of it

oregonThe Christian god has had a rough couple of weeks in here in the US. Its hand picked candidates who were told that they would win the presidency have dropped out, leaving more handpicked ones behind. Santorum, Huckabee, Fiorina, etc were such fantastic examples of lying Christians, I’m sorry to see them leave.

And, then, its annointed who were sent to resist the government, and get free use of public lands cheating their fellow Americans, one of which was killed trying to draw a gun to murder another human being (and showing another TrueChristian, Victoria Sharp as telling nonsense, a person who claimed to be within “feet” of the incident and not to be seen at all), some that surrendered and some finally waited out by the government and were arrested. It’s amazing how bad a judge of character this god is (and how impotent since it didn’t send snacks to them and they had to rely on the internet). We have cowardly idiots who hide in government buildings behind their families, who were allowed access to social media, and who still fail. Hmmm, may be this god was entirely against them since this god says that it puts all governments in power and one should obey what they tell you to do, no exceptions of any kind….

I wonder what will they do with the dildos and barrel of lube that were sent to them? Sell them to pay for their legal costs because the poor things are now requesting public defenders? The judge has said that the court will need to see if the defendants meet the financial requirements to be assigned a public defender.

Now, why would anyone doubt the existence of a god when it fails so well?

Update:  SCOTUS justice Scalia is dead.  He was an awful man who tried to force people to obey his own version of Christianity and his own malignant interpretation of the US Constitution.  I am quite glad he is dead.  Now we have to deal with the fallout in the naming of his replacement.

This may be the only way to get a justice nominated.

8 thoughts on “Not So Polite Conversation – when deities have a hard time of it

  1. This is the kind of shit that happens when everyone thinks their gods speak to them. Funny how the desires of men align with the desires of their gods.

    Everything under the sun soon becomes their god given rights.

    I am happy in some sense that Scalia is gone, but dread all of the B.S. to come because of it. I have put myself on a zero TV diet. In 6 months someone tell me what happened. With the R clown car race and now the appointment of a new justice, I just can’t do it!


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