Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – so now we have an ark that can’t float, for how many millions of dollars?

wasted-resourcesMost folks have seen the news stories about the exemplary idiot Ken Ham and his boat shaped building that he has built to supposedly show how true Christianity is. We also have one more large, useless, and somewhat pretty building built to support flagging faith. Now, where in the bible does it say that this is a good idea, wasting resources on this type of thing? Oh yes, in the Old Testament, where God had to have tons of gold, precious jewels, fabulous fabrics, acres of leather, etc. Funny how we went from that to a supposed god that insists that one should not put up treasures of the earth and then right back to conspicuous consumption. How many meals would $100 million dollars buy? How many homes would it repair? (Jimmy Carter visited the thing. I wonder how Habitat for Humanity could have used those funds) It seems that some Christians have no problem in spending thousands and millions of dollars for publicity. (still waiting for word of the donation of the subway gift cards by Ray Comfort).

As has already been noted, the construction of the building amply demonstrates that the bible is nothing more than myth because even poor ol’ Ken couldn’t build it like his god said to and surely Ken has God on his side, right? Of course physics overules imaginary gods and wooden pegs. There was a reason that boats back in the Bronze Age never even approached the claimed dimensions of the bible ark. Humans are such size queens.

The further problem with the silly flood myth is that even Christians can’t agree on the details surrounding it. If one Christian can’t convince another, why should anyone else believe claims that have no evidence to support them?

For instance, did the flood happen at all?   Some Christians are that the words in Genesis are a literal recording of an historical event aka Ham and the other literalists. Some are quite sure that they are simply metaphor, no different from any other just-so story told to explain why humans can be harmful by any other religion. Some also try to claim that the flood was just a localized event often citing the flooding of the Black Sea (a possible date is around 5000 BCE) or perhaps even the opening of the Mediterranean. However that is a problem since the bible’s description certainly isn’t aligned with those events.

How did the flood happen? Well, we have at least four that try to use science in an attempt to make the myth palatable to modern minds e.g. it was a comet, there was miles of water held above the earth in a “vapor canopy”, there were vast quantities of water miles below the earth’s surface, the seas boiled from runaway subduction. Of course, there’s always the old stand-by, magic.

When did the flood happen? Well, again, Christians don’t agree and often won’t even dare answer such a question since that would pin their nonsense down. Answers in Genesis makes the claim of 2348 BCE, has 2304 BCE (not a terribly far of answer but remember this is from people who claim to get their answer from the same inerrant source), 3000 BCE from the Christians at   From above, we have the possible flooding of the Black Sea dated at around 5000 BCE. So, we see that counting in the bible doesn’t give a consistent answer, and there is no evidence that a flood as described by the bible ever occurred.

Again, religion is shown to be nothing more than a human invention, and the claims shown to be wrong by reality. The same science that was used to build an ark shaped building is the same science that shows that the claims of Christians to be nonsense.

By the way,  donate blood.  I’m off to the blood donation center tomorrow.  Working on my seventh gallon!

donate blood

22 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – so now we have an ark that can’t float, for how many millions of dollars?

      1. hello black sheep! SOM is quite the coward when it comes to actually support his nonsense. He is my resident constipated seagull. He flies in, desperately tries to shit all over everything, and then flies away again when he finds his lies aren’t accepted.


      2. Black Sheep,

        I already explained it the best I can.

        In fact, it’s very obvious from just a simple, uncritical reading of the Bible that God does not condone slavery.

        If you can’t understand the obvious, even when it is explained to you in simple language, then you are beyond any efforts I can make on your behalf.


      3. A reading of the bible does show that your god repeatedly condones slavery, SOM. It’s a shame that you are ignorant enough of your bible to make such an easily dismissed claim.

        If your god doesn’t support slavery, why does Peter say that no one should resist an owner that harms them? (1 Peter 1)?

        Why does your god never say that slaves should go free but repeatedly gives instructions on how to keep slaves and how to treat them (like property (Exodus and Leviticus)? Please do explain your “simple uncritical reading of the bible”. It seems that by this you mean “ignore any bit that makes your religion seem ignorant and ridiculous”.


      4. Silence, we are either using different bibles or different dictionaries.

        I am able to understand things when it is put in simple language. So when the bible reveals that God says you may buy slaves, beat your slaves, sell your daughters to be slaves, subject cities into forced labor. Even goes so far as to command such things. A simple uncritical reading reveals God very much approves of slavery.

        No amount of mental gymnastics can rationalize that away.


    1. “thrown”, SOM? 🙂

      So, please do tell me what is of use of a cathedral and a ark shaped building? Does your god need worldly goods or not? And tell us if your supposed savior would prefer a million people fed and sheltered or something to prop its ego?


      1. Club,

        Ask the people who use such buildings, what their use is.

        And please explain how the atheist, sitting on his toilet thrown (think Hoo Flung Poo) can determine for all of mankind what is useful and what is not.


      2. I am asking someone who would use such a building, SOM. What purpose does the Vatican and a ark shaped building serve? Please do explain how your supposed savior JC would prefer these buildings to feeding and housing people.

        But you won’t. You’ll run away again, my little constipated seagull.

        Aw, nice to see you being a racist bigot as usual, SOM. I’m guessing your approval of the recipe I posted is just more nonsense, a TrueChristian forgetting that sarcasm isn’t well displayed in a written medium. Now, please do continue your rather contradictory behavior of approving of posts that you must agree with and then attacking them.


    2. Funny that judgment of “what is of use and what is not” Christians have it. Muslims have it. Communists have it. Socialists have it. Libertarians have it. In fact EVERYBODY has it, but noooo in your wee little mind its especially wrong when a group you don’t like does it. But there’s a big difference though, since an Atheist’s judgment of “what is of use and what is not” is based on actual skepticism of “what is real and what is not” that view is inherently going to be superior to a theist’s view of “what I might think of an unproven intangible invisible entity that was described by ancient tribal writings might like or not”


  1. I’d rather have seen an ark that could float and actually house all of the known live animals. A boat shaped building is just so… Lame!

    Ahh, SOM, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, no wonder he took a lousy pot shot and missed the point entirely.

    They never seem to actually address any issues, only criticize from the sidelines.


    1. of course SOM does nothing but whine. He has been requested to provide evidence for his nonsense repeatedly and runs away as the coward he is every time. I am guessing he really prays hard to have something worthwhile to say but his god leaves him hanging.


  2. To me it doesn’t even matter if this thing floats.

    I’d be more interested in having him demonstrate that it’s possible to survive a year sequestered with all the animal “kinds” and primitive provisions he can fit inside this building after we barricade the doors and cut off the power.


  3. Imagine charging admission ($40!) to celebrate (a) god’s first genocide. (I hear there are people who actually believe that tall tale. . .)

    Oh, and SOM, not only does the Yahweh encourage/promote slavery, s/he/it condones abortion. Real nice god you worship there.


  4. Oh look it is an abject failure. So those supposed “not really taxpayer funds because it was a loan” will become taxpayer funds.


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