What the Boss Likes – vacation in Indianapolis for Gen Con 2016, part 1

A couple of years ago, we went to Gen Con 2014 (posts here and here).  We went back again this year and just got home.  Here are some photos I took at the zoo, and one weird photo that I got coming home.


And the weird photos of what we saw in the sky just east of Indy at around dawn on 08/08/2016


The large photo and the detail:


Perhaps it’s chemtrails?  🙂   To poison angels in heaven to be sure (yes, it’s a parody website).

Once I get some more photos worked on, I’ll show the cosplay we did at the con.  Oy, am I tired.


7 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – vacation in Indianapolis for Gen Con 2016, part 1

    1. it was a very odd day for clouds on the whole trip back. one side of the sky was cirrus then there was a strip of nimbus with patches of mammatus, then another strip of cirrus with some very linear features, and puffy cumulus clouds *under* those.

      ah, I do see the tiny UFO. it reminds me of another UFO I saw, a black rectangle, no other features and I saw that early in the morning one day a year or two ago just before work.

      1. It’s terrible here. In June (especially June, but throughout winter in general) people let off giant balloons. Many of these are grey cigar-shaped things, thirty-odd meters long, and the material is reflective. It makes for an amazing sight seeing one of these things just sitting up there in 3-dimensions.

      2. Like most things in Brazil, I think it has some Catholic root, but I have no idea what. Now, I think it’s mostly because they look cool, although they cause havoc with aircraft, and often come down on houses, sparking fires.

        This is one, but I’ll try and find a vid of the cigar shaped ones. They let them loose outside the city.

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