What the Boss Likes – vacation in Indianapolis for Gen Con 2016, part 1

A couple of years ago, we went to Gen Con 2014 (posts here and here).  We went back again this year and just got home.  Here are some photos I took at the zoo, and one weird photo that I got coming home.


And the weird photos of what we saw in the sky just east of Indy at around dawn on 08/08/2016


The large photo and the detail:


Perhaps it’s chemtrails?  🙂   To poison angels in heaven to be sure (yes, it’s a parody website).

Once I get some more photos worked on, I’ll show the cosplay we did at the con.  Oy, am I tired.

8 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – vacation in Indianapolis for Gen Con 2016, part 1

    1. it was a very odd day for clouds on the whole trip back. one side of the sky was cirrus then there was a strip of nimbus with patches of mammatus, then another strip of cirrus with some very linear features, and puffy cumulus clouds *under* those.

      ah, I do see the tiny UFO. it reminds me of another UFO I saw, a black rectangle, no other features and I saw that early in the morning one day a year or two ago just before work.

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      1. It’s terrible here. In June (especially June, but throughout winter in general) people let off giant balloons. Many of these are grey cigar-shaped things, thirty-odd meters long, and the material is reflective. It makes for an amazing sight seeing one of these things just sitting up there in 3-dimensions.


      2. Like most things in Brazil, I think it has some Catholic root, but I have no idea what. Now, I think it’s mostly because they look cool, although they cause havoc with aircraft, and often come down on houses, sparking fires.

        This is one, but I’ll try and find a vid of the cigar shaped ones. They let them loose outside the city.


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