Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – American “values” and Trump’s usual idiocy

trump nz“We should only admit in this country those who share our values and respect our people.  Trump added, “The time is overdue to develop a new screening test.” (all quotes from this site).

And he has no idea what this screening test would be.   How does one tell if someone is simply lying?   I’m guessing this twit is sure that he can see into someone’s soul, like Duhbya claimed of Putin and how great a guy he was.

What are these “values”?    And if we keep people out of the country for not sharing these values, what happens to those people who are deemed not sharing those values who are citizens of the US?  Do they lose their rights if not agreeing with the dithering of Trump?

Especially those people who don’t follow what Trump says here “At the same time, Trump said his administration “will speak out against the oppression of women, gays and people of different beliefs”

His base are those people who are all for oppressing women, oppressing homosexuals, oppressing anyone who doesn’t follow the religion that they do.  From what he says, he has no intention of representing their desires.

Of course, he doesn’t even stand by this, with his own attacks on Clinton,  and using all of the dog whistles that say that she’s not fit to be president because she a woman or as he said “He also added that Clinton “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS and many of the adversaries we face.”   How hilariously Victorian.  Alas, reality shows that he’s wrong and lying again.

As usual, this man shows he is has no idea what he is saying and his followers evidently don’t care or are too stupid to notice.   Lies and ignorance are what drive his campaign and it’s sad that so many accept what he says without a single thought.



25 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – American “values” and Trump’s usual idiocy

      1. ah, supposed “wisdom” from SOM. Let me guess, SOM, you’ve never served in the military have you? It’s a shame that you benefit from many good and great bureaucrats and diplomats and you espouse such ignorance.


      2. Club,

        One of the costliest and most wasteful bureaucracies on planet Earth is the our military bureaucracy.

        And yes, I have served with the military.

        I helped develop the A9 Armored Combat Earthmover which was eventually used in Desert Storm.


      3. Sorry for the typo. And glad you looked it up.

        The good Major who I was faithfully serving took me to an arms show their in the DC area where I sat in the Apache helicopter.

        This was before the Apache had been added to the US arsenal.


      4. really, which arms show was this? And I didn’t have to look it up, I have a vet sitting across the room from me. I’m terribly curious on what your MOS was.

        Now, for your claims on how horrible bureaucrats are, and how awful the US gov’t is, I’ve asked you if you received your vehicle registration if you have a vehicle? Have you driven on a highway? Have you ever benefited from the gov’t? Or would you rather live in place like Somalia? Per your claims, anti-gov’t people would consider that preferable but surprisingly, none of you move there.


      5. Club,

        I have no idea what arms show it was. But it was back in 1982.

        And my comment here was about bureaucrats and diplomats not about how evil government is.

        Did you know that back in the Colonies, there was lots and lots of government.

        But it was almost all local. People organized locally to take care of each other.

        Huge central governments are all about tyranny not citizen care.


      6. No surpise that you don’t know and I am still curious what your MOS was.

        You have said this “A great diplomat is like a great bureaucrat:Totally useless and dangerous.” It seems that once it was shown to you that your claims about bureaucrats and diplomats was shown to be wrong you now try to make believe gov’t exists without bureaucracy and now have the problem of showing how gov’t works without the bureaucracy and diplomats. You benefit from bureaucrats and diplomats all of the time and like so many willfully ignorant people, you are a sad little hypocrite.

        Oh my, so what is this Lots and lots of gov’t in the Colonies, SOM? The king’s representative? The local town council? Tell us a how a town council supports a highway to allow you to get cheap goods from one end of the country to another and run your truck to have a job. Tell us how well local gov’t handles epidemics. Tell us how well militias worked in the War of 1812. Tell us how well local governments would be able to deal with invading armies.

        There are many countries with what you would claim to be “huge central governments” and they are not tyrannical at all. Of course, you’ve lied about how horrible New Zealand was and of course when asked to support your claims, you ran away again. Tell us how tyrannical Great Britain, Sweden, Canada, etc are. Surely you have examples, right? And then tell us how “great” Somalia or another failed state is and when you are going to right away move there because how great it is to have little government.


  1. American immigration law has had religious tests for decades.

    And really it is common sense (simple reasoning).

    If a person is seeking refugee status because of their religion, why then it is necessary to vet that person, a religious test being part of the process.


      1. Club,

        Muslims don’t like gay people. They don’t like women. They don’t like Western society.

        It is simple enough to interrogate people to find out where their prejudices lie.

        Further, I am not the one who came up with the tests, so don’t blame me.

        You people are just ignorant drones who parrot the bilge puked out for the ignorant by CNN.


      2. Hmm, SOM, let’s take a look at your comment with what I know to be true. Of course, I’ll write it as true and not condemning all of a group of people as you try to do.

        Some Christians don’t like gay people. They don’t like women. They don’t like Western society. They constantly claim that western society is sinful and we will be damned.

        So, we’ll “interrogate” people, SOM? Does this mean we can waterboard them to get an “honest” answer? Please do tell us of these perfect methods of getting a true answer. Surely you have them, right? Or are you lying again?

        Ah, yes, the good ol’ “Don’t blame me” claim of someone who was just advocating for such bullshit. Just in case you need it, SOM, remember to also say “I was just following orders”. because that works just as well.

        I’m waiting for you to support your claims. Trump has also claimed that we had such great ways to tell if people were Soviets in the 50s. Let’s see, idiot legislators thought that if we made them say God, that would keep them out. Didn’t work out so well in the pledge of allegiance. We had McCarthyism, which destroyed the lives of innocents. We had spies getting our secrets.

        Again, tell us how well this worked? I’ll guess you’ll run away again as usual when you are caught making baseless claims again. and of course, you’ll slither back, trying to hope no one remembers a TrueChristian who has nothing to support his nonsense.


      3. Club,

        You are blaming me for present immigration law.

        THE Donald recently made a comment that was striking.

        He said that today, the truth is so strange that when someone states it, its sounds like an outrage.

        You are proof that he’s right.


      4. Ah, your favorite Donald. SOM, you are liar when it comes to describing all Muslims as you tried so hard to do. You of course ignore the fact that some Christians do as you claim all Muslims do “Some Christians don’t like gay people. They don’t like women. They don’t like Western society. They constantly claim that western society is sinful and we will be damned.” If you want to keep Muslims out of the US because of this attitude, then we need to hurry up and kick out all of those Christians, like you, who evince such attitudes.

        You have yet to show that you have written the truth and it isn’t hard at all to show that you have not.

        Unsurprisingly, you have tried to ignore my question about “interrogation”. Again, SOM, please do support your claims. So, we’ll “interrogate” people, SOM? Does this mean we can waterboard them to get an “honest” answer? Please do tell us of these perfect methods of getting a true answer. Surely you have them, right? Or are you lying again? As usual, it seems you are lying and being such a great example of a Christian who shows by his actions that he doesn’t believe in the Christian god and its commands any more than I do. Nice to see you share that with ol’ Donny. TWo Corinthians and all.


      5. oh, and please do show how I am “blaming” you for present immigration law. Where exactly did I supposedly do this? While you are at it, do tell us what American values really are and what Christian values are too. This should be quite fun, but I’m guessing you’ll just run away.


  2. Funny how the success of the American Revolution and the establishment of the United States would probably not have happened if it weren’t for the “Useless and Dangerous” diplomats by the names Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.


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