Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – American “values” and Trump’s usual idiocy

trump nz“We should only admit in this country those who share our values and respect our people.  Trump added, “The time is overdue to develop a new screening test.” (all quotes from this site).

And he has no idea what this screening test would be.   How does one tell if someone is simply lying?   I’m guessing this twit is sure that he can see into someone’s soul, like Duhbya claimed of Putin and how great a guy he was.

What are these “values”?    And if we keep people out of the country for not sharing these values, what happens to those people who are deemed not sharing those values who are citizens of the US?  Do they lose their rights if not agreeing with the dithering of Trump?

Especially those people who don’t follow what Trump says here “At the same time, Trump said his administration “will speak out against the oppression of women, gays and people of different beliefs”

His base are those people who are all for oppressing women, oppressing homosexuals, oppressing anyone who doesn’t follow the religion that they do.  From what he says, he has no intention of representing their desires.

Of course, he doesn’t even stand by this, with his own attacks on Clinton,  and using all of the dog whistles that say that she’s not fit to be president because she a woman or as he said “He also added that Clinton “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS and many of the adversaries we face.”   How hilariously Victorian.  Alas, reality shows that he’s wrong and lying again.

As usual, this man shows he is has no idea what he is saying and his followers evidently don’t care or are too stupid to notice.   Lies and ignorance are what drive his campaign and it’s sad that so many accept what he says without a single thought.



What the Boss Likes – I stand with Ahmed too

Unsurprisingly, we have idiots in the US, who were so afraid of a clock, they arrested a young man, Ahmed Mohamed.  This was in Texas, surprise!

President Obama has invited this young inventor to the White House, which of course will get the usual suspects sure that the US president is a “really” a Muslim.

Texas is also the home of idiots who were just so sure that the US military exercises was going to get their guns.  The exercises are done and still idiots have guns.

For all of the claims of how President Obama was going to take away guns, and do other “anti-Christ” bullshit, it’s now most of the way through 8 years, the US economy has recovered, we are not causing any more wars, etc.  And none of those claims have come true.  So much for the prophetic abilities of American TrueChristians(tm)

Now, poor ol’ Ted Nugent (a washed up rock singer who prates about right wing stupidity) hasn’t yet been arrested or killed yet as he claimed he would be by the guvmint.  And all of those ‘Mericans who were going to leave the US, are still here.

So much for the false claims of so many.


11/28/2015:  just to let you know, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are quite the dickheads recently. Hitch was a dickhead a long time ago.  those theists who want to claim that atheist somehow worship these guys are so wrong.