What the Boss Likes – an update on the subway cards from Ray Comfort

Posted Monday on his Facebook:

“We just gave $18,000 worth of Subway cards to the homeless here in LA. What have you been up to?

Pic. “E.Z.” Zwayne (President of Living Waters) giving out one of my books and Subway gift cards to the homeless at the Los Angeles Union Rescue Mission. They encouraged us to preach to guests over lunch. They were very receptive and grateful for both the preaching and the cards.”

Only $7,000 more to go.   It’s a good thing that they are donated.  It’s a shame that the cards come with a price.

14 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – an update on the subway cards from Ray Comfort

      1. Yes well being homeless I am sure these books will serve their proper function. As a necessity to take with on a trip to the bushes.

        …and yes the homeless, at rock bottom, are the most susceptible to religious nonsense. So I am sure they ate it up. At least if Bananaman and co. are being honest here, which I highly doubt (at least in the # of card giveaways), some lucky souls will get some Subway food for a day or two, and a few days worth of toilet paper. Yesirree fine fine acts by x-ians to crow about for years to come. /sarcasm

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      2. Assuming quite a bit here… given the homeless are disproportionately illiterate as causal to their predicament. Ironic for history to repeat itself.


      3. indeed. if there was a benevolent god, being homeless wouldn’t happen, at least not to Christians. But it does. Constantly. So much for the lilies of the field.

        It’s been most interesting that my resident TrueChristians have been so quiet on these posts.


      4. If you want to help the poor, give them education, give them the mental tools that they may provide a function of value in society. Do not simply offer fish to feed a man, teach him to fish.

        This is where religious sociality fails every time: treating the symptom and not the cause. Worse, they teach society not to think for themselves much less care for themselves, as far too much is thrown in the direction of “it’s Gods will” or “God will provide” — perpetuating ignorance against the weak and illiterate.

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      5. well, it was to get atheists to take his book, because he knew no one would otherwise. Then when he couldn’t pony up the $120 to have a gathering of people along with the Reason Rally, he said he’d give the cards to charity. So, we get a report of him doing so, unsubstantiated so far, and again trying to give his book away again.

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